Monday, April 19, 2010

Dancing...A Sexual Energy Equisite

Dancing heals your soul through sensual movement, poetic expressions, and earthy connections. It animate the story externally how you feel; a true art of storytelling without words. The Creator gave all beings a gift of dancing, even in nature. Seeing the trees swaying like hips, a flower beautiful poise, the stomping of the rain fall, the accent of the lightening, the leaps of a graceful horse, the squat of an ape, a sensual glide of a cat, and the slither of the snake, can all be convey through dancing.

Dancing is also powerful, sexual, fire, erotic, even orgasmic. This is a great way to create sexual energy. We are born dancing in the womb, so you don't have to be train or have experience to MOVE. I'm certainly not a train dancer, I just FEEL THE’s our birthright. Women are innately born with this phenomenal gift. Our feminine energy is fluid and soft like water, that's our connection to the spiritual worlds, the creative LIFE force, the GODDESS.

I just LOVE DANCING!!!! Dancing brings euphoric feelings of senseless attractions, a trance movement that has a mystical far-away place. You will become oblivious of your surrounding and become FREE and letting GO.

The stimulation of your body becomes arouse when it’s in sync with your breathing and vibrational tones. It is intertwine with the cymatics frequencies of the music. Every time you move your body, the ethereal movements are shape with accentual punctuations, contorted in different arrangements, and gravitational poise.

There can be traces of sexual positions in dancing…hmmmmmm mmmmm. Think about it. Dancing has plenty of pelvic gyration, deep thrust squats, sexual shifts, undulations, sensual caresses, and unison breathing. Every muscle is engage and isolated. A lot of sexual positions require strength in the inner thighs, abdominal, back and shoulders. When you can manipulate your body and have control, fluidity movements, you will increase your sexual pleasure, immensely. You will be able ecstatically excited with unlimited creativity with your lovely partner. Ever wonder why, dancers’ looks so blissful and happy especially with couple type dancing. It’s euphoric!!!!! Check out some dancehall reggae moves that is the epitome of sexual positions.

What I admire about dancing it is multi-functional, it’s an expression, bedroom apparatus and just plain good exercising. Most people can’t afford gym membership or personal trainers, but dancing is FREE!!!! Just use your imagination, teaching videos and move. This one of my favorite ways into staying in shape and losing waste/weight. This process allow me to be consistent because its something I enjoy.

Exercising doesn't have to be "traditional” or "masculine". Feminine energy type dances like bellying dancing, sacred spiritual dance, NIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action), and hula hoop dancing that explored your feminine power is a great healthy form of physical exercise for the QUEENS and GODDESSES. I think its imperative to get back connected with our sexual energy. It can be healing for our body, not being sexual inhibitant, clearing out negativities, restore our sensuality, have positive body image, feeling beautiful, gyrating our hips to strengthen our pelvic muscles for more control and easing fibroses and other dis-eases.

Don't you know dancing work-out all your major muscles and combine with some resistant training, eating healthy holistic diet can be the perfect work-out.
So next time you're out at the club, house party or just at the crib. Turn up the music....DANCE MY QUEENS....DANCE.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nudity...The Naked Truth

The word nudity is nothing new in our vocabulary. We have embrace nudity as part of our humanistic nature. Our spiritual self bares only thoughts; before it becomes a physical object, it only projects the atomic nudity of our sexual beings. Nudity is scared to the cosmic divinity; the body is considering being a temple to the gods and goddesses, which is to be a spiritual, enlightening experience. Throughout history, nudity has been display on monuments carve in stones and iconographical arts pervaded in India, Africa, China, Japan and also Gnosis tic Christianity. Its also part of different tribal countries.

When we were babies, we identify with our nudity inside the covering of our mother's womb. WE conceptualize our nudity as freedom; in its purest form, just being a spiritual essence inside a physical body. We correlated our connection to our mother's umbilical cord; as our mother correlates to the cosmic universe.

Breastfeeding is an act of love for nurturing the baby. As the milk tunnels through the nipples; the baby's mouth is place around the partially nude breast, sometimes to be exposed. Children don't have any negative connections to their naked body. The un-blemish minds of children runs around UN-clothe; feeling free, liberated, unbind and unembarrassed of their butt naked selves. Have you ever seen a child being happily full of glee during bath time?

Bath time they will explore the anatomy of their hands, feet, nose, mouth and very explorative with their sexual organs; an innocent, curiosity of wandering hands touching the unknown the genitalia. Bathing a child learns the differentness between themselves and others; especially if they share those moments with a sibling of the opposite sex. This can be very playful and exciting learning time for children.

But when does this pristine of being naked become so perverted? There are many factors that help to disproportionate nudity and people's superficial complex thinking. Mostly religions have dismantled the beauty of a sensuous naked body; disapproving it to be dirty, derogatory, nasty, scandalous, and perverted. It becomes disingenuous when we don’t understand the spiritual relations with our body, especially our sexual organs. So during our predecessor’s generative development about nudity it became dilute with people’s morals and self-righteous attitude. It demoralizes the natural nature of the human spiritual body. We only teach what we know that will only bring suppressions and repressions into adulthood.

This type of repressions allows the perverted minds to exploit the naked body as sex objects; and not a spiritual delight. When you repress something, you feed your insatiable, hidden desires with overt sexual thoughts into gross, obsessive, uncontrollable sexual feelings towards nudity. This leads to child pornography, sexual abuse, porn, insatiable sexual acts, disconnection and depression.

Nudity is a work of art that is express fashionably, artistically, politically, and historically. Its appreciation is a lover unadulterated playing field that expresses love, sensuality, admiration, divination, gratitude, joy, and inter-connections. This brings us inspiration to explore infinite possibilities for music, clothing, painting, writing stories and spiritual love-making. Nudity creates different inspective dimensions and evoke many emotions; it’s the most provoking sensationalize matter throughout history.

Let’s go back to nudity and explore our bodies like children without embarrassment, shame and being regretful; enjoying the freedom to explore the sensory of your nakedness, release any inhibitions that keeps you bondage and undesirable, rebirth and cleanse yourself from people’s criticism, become one with mother earth, move your hands across your body, love your body and everyone else’s and become balance inside yourself.