Monday, April 11, 2011

My Food Porn Sensation

I had the most delicious, big, juicy, firm, sweet, tantalizing, succulent and ripe serum all in my mouth on yesterday. I made love to it so passionately making moans and groan sounds vibrating within my body, trembles cascading right down to my toes.  I started tapping my foot on the floor and humming, as I inserted it inside my mouth. I suddenly became jealous of my own tongue, being able to take all the girth and deep throat all of its components, until it dissolved inside my belly. The best part is the pit. It holds the last residue of the sweet meat. The only thing you can do is suck it real hard, lightly using your teeth, not to aggressive, but a softly graze, getting all of its meat. Oops, I got a little greedy I got some sticky serum left on the corner of my mouth, but doesn’t worry I’ll lick it off, mmmm… delicious. Was it good for your like it was for me? I hope so because mangos are healthy for you.

Did you get a little hot for a moment? Lol. This how we should have a relationship with our food that is good for you and to you. Food should be thought of as a lover in a HEALTHY relationship. It should be able to nourish your needs, be fulfilling, and acquiring good taste, satisfying your hunger, helping you to maintain healthy thoughts, keeping your body active and beautiful and the most importance keeping you sensually happy.  I don’t want to bore you with details about food being unhealthy because you already know that, right? Absolutely you know, so it’s about writing about the fun, juicy stuff.

But first, what is food porn? Well, food porn is a masterpiece of a sexy, architect ensemble of picturesque food blended with texture, contrasting colors, delicious décor and opulent presentation that is breathtakingly fabulous. It’s a sensuous palette for all your senses to coordinate a dance of exuberant delight.  It’s the ostentation of wealthy ingredients that may have traveled internationally or locally homegrown in the deep rich soil to accommodate a great meal.  Or it can be simple fruits and vegetables that are ripen with vibrant rich colors mist with wet, hydrated droplets to assure you the best quality of fresh food.  When you finally see the finish production, you’ll see the most tantalize sensual relationship commingling together harmoniously.  It’s the capture of beautiful essence. You didn’t know eating healthy food can be so freaky.

Eating healthy can be fun and sensual; the excitement to have many assorting choices of healthy food is easier to find in your local stores or Farmer’s Market. Many people have different variants what eating healthy ought to be like being omnivores, vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian or raw food, which ever one resonates with your needs, that’s your choice. However, it stills need to be healthy with the freshest food possible.

The preparation is the fun part just asks Shelly Chapman, she’s into food porn, also. She is known as The Food Relationship Coach. I love looking at her blog fill with allured fascination of mouth-watering goodness that leaves you insatiable because you just want more. I sometimes browse through her food portfolio in secret, maybe I’m a closet food porn freak. What Shelly shows and other respectable chef artist that food can be sexy and healthy.

The most important aspect of healthy living is eating.  The first thing I had to do to change my relationship with food. I found the enjoyment in preparing my meals. I take the disciple to make sure my food choices are right for me and nourishing to my body. I research to learn more about the food I consume, to see what the benefits are for my wellbeing. I love walking into a Farmer’s Market smelling the fresh herbs, fruits and different spices that permeates in its own location. I love aromatic smells of ginger, strawberries, cilantro, peaches, and other wonderful aroma. I love the smell when garlic and onions are good together it has a richness of power. When I’m juicing, I love putting my juice inside a wine glass.  I love eating with chop sticks. I love different types of marinating sauces to experience different flavors. I love learning new healthy dishes.  I have a sensual connection with my food.

I don’t find it pleasing to be stagnating with food, just eating the same old, measly food. The best place to go is to a Farmer’s Market or a place that have many variety of specialize food. Walk through the aisle smell, touch and taste food, if allowed and become familiarize with different type food. You don’t need to be afraid of new potential food, it’s not going to bite, remember you doing all the biting, it’s just going to make you feel special.  I what I like to do is research recipes to become experience of tasting new seasoning, herbs and spices. It can be that simple… a change. This can make your decision for healthier choices seem rather attractive, instead of being just plain.

Well, since I spoke about my provocative relationship with my mango, allow me to introduce you to my favorite friend.  Mangos originated in East India, Burma and the Andaman Islands bordering the Bay of Bengal. Persian traders took the mango into the Middle East and Africa, from there the Portuguese brought it to Brazil and the West Indies. Mango cultivators arrived in Florida in the 1830's and in California in the 1880's. The mango is known as the 'king of fruit' throughout the world, and The Mango tree is a symbol of love. That’s my kinda fruit!!!  It also has other health benefits. Mangoes really can make you feel better, rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants & minerals. Mangoes contain an enzyme with stomach soothing properties similar found in papayas. These comforting enzymes act as a digestive aid and can be held partially responsible for that feeling of contentment. So, no wonder I had a sensual relationship with my mango. It was meant to be. There are so many recipes and other documented facts about mango you may enjoy. 

Here’s a salad mango recipe you may enjoy, very simple to make:

1 or 2 mangoes
Handful of cilantro (a new herb I just started to use in recipe)
Shallots or red onions
2 squeeze lemon and zest
Red peppers
Olive oil
Salt and pepper, to taste
Just mixed all ingredients together and chilled in refrigerator for 8 hours or overnight, to let marinate… Delicious!!! 

What are some of your favorite food that make you feel sensual and sexy?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Truth about Fit, Curve beautifully Carve

On yesterday I wrote this statement on my status on facebook; Sometime we need to be in solitude to collect, reflect about OUR thoughts and life. After my mom had a strong allergic reaction from her heart medication, where she spent a week in the ICU from swollen tongue and throat, it became apparent women have lost their sensuality. Sensuality is the foundation of great health. I've observe a lot of women whose heart has been closed and now becoming sick.

That statement is my pivotal moment to step up to the divine plate and start pursuing my gifts. It’s been in the works for almost 2 years. Even though I didn’t understand the magnitude of my learning growth, self growth and sensual growth, but I knew in the depth of my soul that I was a student of nature and I dance with its rhythmic flow.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some unsteady times that I felt like a failure; didn’t speak my truth; gaining weight; didn’t like my appearance; my hair was shedding; I became mean and uncaring; I was lazy and lost all ambition for life. You get to the point of being sick and tried to being sick and tired. In the allegory meaning of having a mustard seed, I felt deep inside there was a glimpse of love, sensuality and femininity yawning inside my womb.

I’ve had days when I felt extremely good and look great, but the extension of that time decrease only for that moment. But even through those days, I felt there were possibilities that needed to be awakening that some how I can extend and cultivate this beauty. Even through all of my sexual experiences and intimacies was not great, I truly enjoyed my connections. I love the sensation sometimes it may not lasted long enough, but I knew I was capable for more bliss in my life. In my earlier years, I knew sex was spiritual. I knew it is more than just simplicity of gratification. I search for all things about erotic sensuality that made me feel good. I love great conversation. I love dancing, a good kiss, and a good hug. It was the details of intimacy that soothe my soul and granted me the greatest feelings.

The thing regarding the universal dance you will always find many people who has similarities of your life goals. One day browsing on the internet, I stumble on Jessica Mullen website. Basically, her website is base on her philosophy about Life Streaming designing your life. You are the product that is marketing and designing your own life. She got this ideal from going to a graphic design school. Jessica implies those same techniques into a life design program she develop to help manifest your desires in life. How cool is that?

I love this type of universal dance because before I’ve ever set eyes on Jessica’s website, those haunting words like design, templates, color scheme and other technical philosophical thoughts that I was thinking and sometimes you just don’t know where those lucid thoughts come from, all of a sudden, BOOM… there it is!!! It was meant for me to come across Jessica’s path for confirmation. Thank you, Jessica.

So what does this all means for this blog and future projects? Well just going through my internal dialogue, I’m designing my own life sensually. Designing my sensual self allow me to have fulfilling life. I will always see the beauty and magnificent wonders of all created things. It will allow me to become presence so I can intake all the brilliance of life that gives me love stories, expressional joys, dreams and beautiful sex. It will allow me to honor my femininity to the highest consciousness of optimum level. I will be able to speak my own truth becoming fearless of the unknown. I’m only posting things that I enjoy and interest, so that things can manifest in my life. I knew the direction I was heading, but now it’s down to the specifics. No more guess work.

The term Fit, Curve beautifully Carve is about making your “life” fit. It’s not just on the physical but every part of your life. Just like your body that needs nutrition, exercise and motivation, so does your life. Your life needs emotional balance, cleansing, gratuity and sensuality. We can not always depend on our body for happiness because weight can return back. Weight loss is only the fraction of the whole. It is part of the lifestyle of sensuality.

When you start changing your thoughts de-cluttering your life from toxins, you will ease you into liberation to full greatness. Designing your life the way you want it. STOP using these templates that is set-up for you from your parents, church, peers and media. Determine your own sensual design. What will it look like? What’s your sensual style and flavor? How would you walk? How would you speak? Could you be a better lover? How will your physical appearance change and look like? Would designing your own sensual foundation will assess you a better career, a better relationship, being fearless or having confidence for yourself? These are limitless possibilities to achieve your highest standards.

Fit, Curve beautifully Carve is about incorporating your whole being as a spiritual entity. It’s taking fitness from the inside out,
Learning how to eat making it fun and sensual,
Learning how to become more intimate with your body,
Learning your anatomy of your body and body movements,
De-cluttering things out,
Stepping out your comfort zone,
Building a relationship with your self,
Being presence,
Learning how to receive love and touch,
Learning to love your self,
Learning how to give love,
Learning how to receive love and many more infinite self building

So Fit, Curve beautifully Carve is not just fitness, body image, lifting weights or thickness. The imagery of Fit, Curve beautifully Carve:
Fit- a standard of wholistic living of the mind, body and soul through tantric philosophy
Curve- is body movements to accentuate the feminine curves through variant sensual dances and outer line tracing.
Carve-is the inner tightness of your muscles that includes vaginal muscles, body alignment, body posture, body toning and facial toning.

This has been a wonderful journey, thus far. I’m still tweaking my blog, now I most definitely know the direction I’m traveling. I’ll see you there.

Monday, March 14, 2011

It’s a Wonderful Life!

We all know at this movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” that comes on T.V during the Christmas holidays. It starts James Stewart which plays a business man that become frustrated with life’s issues. He considers suicide to end his unwavering lifestyle, but an angel intervenes to show him how life would be without his existence. As you watched the movie, you’ll see every segment without his existence and presence every person that he’s meant to be involved among becomes frail with life’s fiery wrath. So the movie starts playing the “WHAT IF” game.

Well for the past week or so, I was faced with this type of dilemma, but without the suicide attempt. I’ve been on this journey of wellness for almost 20 years. You go through your influx of emotions of whining, debating, doubts, analyzing and frustration. Through all of that internal drama, somehow you manage to uproot your stagnation and move fluidly back into rhythm. My incident wasn’t any differ, but there were some powerful revelation. So many it take separate blogs to talk about it. This is just getting my dance back in groove again. I was just smiling while I type that statement. I guess, I’ll say it again; THIS IS JUST GETTING MY DANCE BACK IN GROOVE AGAIN…ahhhh that felt better.

I had a death in the family this pass week. I haven’t seen my family in awhile, accept on face book. As always you haven’t seen people since you were younger, or haven’t been around family functions. Everything is very overwhelming internally. You smile, nod your head, laugh at jokes, but you still feel invisible. You are floating incoherently just allowing the currency to take you farther away from your self. Why I’m a feeling this way? These are my family, why do I feel like a stranger? Maybe I am a stranger? Why do I feel so tense? I don’t know what to think now.

In my world, I’ve been reading, writing, exercising, experiencing new belongings, being more self-aware and just being open to new possibilities. Why I’m not expressing my true authentic self? What I’m afraid of; maybe I’ll expose myself being too vulnerable? Questions, questions and more questions.

Through all of your spiritual progression, you try to take your stance with certain thoughts and still be apart of fabric of the majority, but sometimes it doesn’t work because you are alone. You can’t fight this battle only with one person, which is you. You express yourself and people don’t understand what you’re talking about. All they can say, Man that’s deep!!!. That’s the end of that conversation.

What happen through my internal drama, I went on a emotional eating spree. I ate what I want, when I wanted. I didn’t exercise; I was drinking; I didn’t write…. I did nothing!!!! But got sick. I became congested, severed throat pain, and weak. I realized I had to go through this pain. I had to sweep back into darkness to learn this lesson. I needed to feel what it would be like, if I ever stop growing spiritual, mentally and physically. I had to feel despair and loneliness in the worst way possible. I was playing the mental game of “WHAT IF”. These are the patterns I’ve gone through many times, but this was tell all in your face I’m gonna whoop yo ass kinda thang. I got spiritually school. I will share some of those personal revelations in my up-coming blogs and maybe you can learn or shared some of your experiences.

We all have a purpose to fulfill for the greater good for humanity. We all are connected with electromagnetic field of all material and immaterial things. We will go through many obstacles to find that perfect way, but it’s never perfect, instead it’s the imperfection that makes it perfect. This makes it “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Life is forever changing.

What kind of obstacles you went through your spiritual journey? What lesson did you learn?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fit, Curve beautifully Carve presents: Denise Lipscomb

Today sensual sistah feature is Denise Lipscomb. If you ever heard the term your body is your temple, well Denise, will make your temple look subtly smooth, organically fresh, sweet smelling and a nibble magnet just in case someone may want take a little bite. She has that homegrown, earthy personality that gives you the warmth of a good friend. I’ve only known her from facebook, but her charismatic charm brings you back for her whimsical status update that brings you some sisterly love advice.

All women loves to be pamper, going to the spa getting a massage, but sometimes it may not be in our budget for a luxurious splurge. We also love fragrances that will lure in the atmosphere that will capture our sensuality, as we walk by haunting you for wanting more of that goodness. So when Denise creatively names her product, “Oh My Goddess”, it arrested that same essence of beauty.

I asked Denise, What inspire you to make the product? Denise says, for as long as I can remember commercial skin care products were never friendly to my skin. I come from a family of herbalist, healers and lovers. For years I have made, mixed and created potions and lotions; however, I only gave them away as gifts or to people who were dealing with some sort of ailment.

One day I just decided to put them on the market. My products are appropriate for all skin types; however, my hair products are geared toward black people with natural hair. You asked how they make my skin feel? My skin feels so good I can't help but rub my own booty at night. lol. So many different fragrances from sweet to earthy give my man a definite treat!

My secret ingredient is love. However, my body buttas are a blend of Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Sweet Almond and Essential Oils.

Oh My Goddess is truly Grass Roots. I would love to see my product line soar; however, I never desire that it get so big that I am forced to add harmful chemicals and preservatives. So you know....I'm not trying to go into mass production unless the product can remain pure. Honestly, I just desire to pour LOVE into what I do. The product has a line of Goddess Soaps, Healing Elixirs, Body Buttas, SugaScrubs & Salt Glos; recently I have added a Hair Butta, Hair Soap and Hair & Skin Conditioner.

Love in a Bottle! The Healing Energy of a Woman can energize and elevate ANYthing we touch.

For a Fit, Curvy beautifully Carve woman this product can surely be an awesome treat after our daily exercising. We always need to keep our skin beautiful. Skin is the biggest organs on our body. So lest keep that skin glowing and kissable.

For more information on Denise Lipscomb and products vist:

Oh My Goddess website

Oh My Goddess facebook

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Personal Grass Root Journey into Law of Attraction

We are intelligent, astute, brilliant and intriguing type of people. The New Age spiritual movement has plummet inside every dialogue of conversations. The main one is Laws of Attraction. What is this Laws of Attraction? Well many people have interpreted it differently for their own understanding. I will not give you a formal description because you can Google it on-line to find a more elaborate definition. This is my personal depiction about Laws of Attraction. My definition is Laws of Attraction is generated energy that vibrates to attach with other resonated energy sources to expedite the flow of connection. Maybe mines is just as elaborate, but that’s my own interpretation.

I’m in the grass root of Laws of Attraction. I’m creating my moment everyday. I’m creating my own Master Plan. We don’t have privy to see others that we admire or inspire to be like when they have master their life journey to success. We only get the biographical versions of their story. Would it be great to actually see someone in the grass root progression of their journey to success? It would allow people to actually see it done in real time of every excited moment. There are many lessons to be learning that can help someone else in their endeavors and say, “HEY, I went through the same thing, also”. I guess, this is my own personal grass root Master Plan designing my life from a different type of template the Universe of infinity of creations. The universe is unlimited with possibilities, no matter what religion or spiritual path you journey, we all called from the same Creator.

I just embarked on a challenge doing traditional style- push up. I challenge myself to do a full set of 10 by Friday. I accomplish that goal relentlessly. So, what does this have to do with Law of Attraction or your Master Plan, you may ask? Absolutely EVERYTHING!! If you read my previous definition about Law of Attraction then you have notice it’s about energy. You have to generate some energy to move and circulate to make something effective to become tangible. Well we are all aware if you exercise (energy) you will see results (tangible). But sometime you have step out your comfort zone. If you step out of your comfort zone you will deepen your personal growth, therefore, you are designing your life.

I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone lately. I’ve been writing in my blog, this one; networking with other phenomenal, sensuous women that has their own business and journey; doing advancement type exercise that is impossible, but doable for my body weight it’s making positive choices and changes, that once was a challenge. I know I’m still growing and deepening my unlimited space. So stay tune my Fit, Curve beautifully Carve sistah for more insights.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fit, Curve beautifully Carve presents: Spirit Halima

I love this sensual sistah. This sensual sistah I met over 3yrs. ago over the internet. We both were doing a raw food challenge together for 90 days. Her name is Spirit Halima. The name alone holds much ancient wisdom, a daughter from Mother Earth. During that challenge we became friends, we gave positive reinforcement to each other; being accountable; giving support and most of all encouragement. We all like distant relatives, that you actually liked…LOL.

Spirit Halima is also co-creator of Inner Light Radio. During our 90 days challenge along with the Richard Blackmon, who created the raw food challenge, both Richard and Spirit did a feature every Wednesday on Inner Light Radio, called Reboot your Life. This show was about the challenges of diet, weight and food. It wasn’t just about raw food per say, but the chaotic effectiveness of eating the wrong food can cause havoc on your life and mental capacity. The show also had extraordinary guests like Phil Valentine, Dick Gregory, Queen Afa, Dr. Jewell Pookum and others. It was a fun filled show.

While we were on the challenge, every night you had to post what you’ve eaten, exercise and what ever your concerns of victories and struggles. Well this particular day, I wrote about my struggles of sabotaging myself. I didn’t know that’s what I was actually doing, but during the challenge I became more aware of my behavior. I spoke about how every three months being on a diet, I would self-sabotage by eating something that didn’t benefit my fitness growth. I was writing my spills, but it was liberating to actually feel some intimacy with my struggle to stop and reduce the bad habit that carries all burdens on other parts in my life. From my posting, Spirit asked to join her on “Reboot Your Life”. She thought my story will help other people to learn my life lesson. I was honored and nervous because I’ve never been on a panel, show or any kind. Spirit made my experience pleasurable. She is a great host. Her voice is very warm and soothing. Even though, before going on show, I listen to her approach of asking thought provoking questions and comfortable ease that she was made for this kind of purpose. Being a guest first hand, I was blown away of her professionalism, but in a carefree type of way.

Ever since then, we still keep in contact via face book. Spirit has grown into many endeavors and have grown into a sensual sister connecting to her sexual energy. She does now have her own communication production company called Chancellor Communication. Chancellor Communications (CC) is a global public relations firm specializing in radio promotions and event planning. Our niche is connecting entrepreneurs who have a product or service to support one’s well being with potential customers interested in personal growth and self development. With 15 years experience in commercial and internet radio, Chancellor Communications has built solid relationships with radio hosts and producers nationwide, Europe and Canada. Our staff has created, organized and managed small seminars to conferences with over 200 attendees. In partnering with our clients, we seek clear goals and implement sound strategies to achieve desired outcomes. In supporting our client’s goals, we offer a variety of services depending on their budget goals and needs.

Here’s more about Spirit Halima:

As a creative visionary, passionate about healing and transformation, Spirit Halima is a student of Ancient Wisdom, committed to personal growth for herself and others. In 2002, she launched the Cosmic Womb, an Internet Radio Talk Show an internet radio talk show that covered topics relating to natural healing, womb wellness, relationships, universal laws, principles and metaphysics. The program shared healing and transformative information to support listeners in having more choices available to re-create their lives: mind, body and soul. Spirit Halima has interviewed world renowned guests such as Rev. Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, Health Advocate and Activist, Dick Gregory, Herbalist Djehuty Ma’at Ra and many others.

This sensual sistah is also bringing The Beauty Matrix - Your Beauty is Organic. It's a lecture going into the Matrix's spell on women that have us feeling inadequate to to fuel the Beauty Matrix ( cosmetics, plastic surgery, fashion trends, etc.) February 24th @ 7pm pacific

As a Fit, Curvy beautifully Carve woman, we always strives to become better. Marketing yourself as a brand, knowing your worth and what you have to offer will bring abundance and wealth into your life. We are more than just a weight size, but more the sizes of our attraction for our creativity. If you have products, want to be a better host or guest, and starts your own radio show give Spirit Halima some business so she can grow yours.

You can find more info on Spirit Halima:

the cosmic room

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sensual Friday: The Human Touch

I was listening to Kem song “Human Touch” and thought how the tactile of a touch can be a signs of wanting, liking, engaging and just sensually sweet. It’s the moment of surrendering all thoughts of menial contemplation and just being strictly presence. Touch is like a serenade of violin strings orchestrating a jazzy assemble on your body playing Dizzy, Sonya, heaven Miles between your thighs. It’s a rhythm of collided fingers mapping every curves and peak on a silhouette road. The closeness of another human is comfort and utterly captivated. Your energetic body becomes animate with every meridians and chakra being expose in an illuminative explosion of secretion.

When you are in a relationship, touch is essential. Without touch different wonderment of thoughts will leave a person feeling insecure. Touch represents nurturing, love, caring, intention, attentiveness and security. A simple touch can be spontaneously enriched by being surprise. A unexpected touch from behind while washing dishes; a unexpected touch while being in the presence of friends and relative; a unexpected touch while driving in your car or a unexpected touch by your favorite crush. It’s a satisfy meal for any occasion. It’s just the warmth of a person hand that can take you to ecstasy. The rich, opulence of ingrain electrical shocks circulating inside your body is orgasmic.

Human touch is part of our culture as homo sapiens. It’s our greeting card. We touch each other everyday. We use it to greet people by a hug or shaking hands. We use it to flirt with someone by touching their hair, knees, and shoulder. We use it while we are dancing a tease of the ass, hands around the waist or just a full assembly of body movement. We use it for general affection.

In some culture like in Africa, touch is about grooming and healing. Women in the village would groom each other hair. The woman would sit in-between the leg of the braider, while sharing whimsical playfulness and womanly love. It’s a gathering to express things about life, situational matters and about men…lol. It is also use my many witch doctors, magical healers, shamans, and other that deals with energy healing that sometime the touch can be faint, but still felt inside the body. Mothers use healing touches for their baby. If the baby had a respiratory congestion, the mother would rub the chest area to break-up any mucus. A sensual massage is great to circulate any stagnate energy in the body.

We need touch like we need food and water. Babies need constants touch for stimulation to keep their body system healthy, emotional balance and safe. Without the essential of touch we would emotionally die and sometimes a physical death. This can create dishearten, angry, aggressive person to live unhappily. These people can claim havoc upon other people’s lives. They become takers not givers, which mean they can rob you. They become hateful not loving, which means they can fight you. They become aggressive not pleasant, which mean they don’t satisfy you sexually. They become fearful not secure, which means they can kill you.

It doesn’t have to be with someone else. A touch can come from your self; self loving your own body. The curvy woman sometimes forgets to adore her body at that moment. While we are in transition, we should always have a celebratory moment when we see chances within our body. Celebrate the small details of your victory. When you starting see muscle lines, curves contouring, skin clearing up and changes overall. Touch that area. Love that area. Caress that area. Give thanks to that area. Some curvy women my have swollen, painful leg pains, or dark areas that blood is not able to circulate properly, take special attention and care to those area, as well. This will boost your sensuality IQ up exponentially. This is the healthiest time to be appreciative of your work and decision to become fit and healthy.

What are some things you do for yourself to make you feel special? Have you ever had an unexpected touch that was pure ecstasy? Do share some of your own touch experience.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fit, Curve beautifully Carve presents: Diva Mama Tonya

We have another sensual sistah to share with you all. Tonya K. FreemanTonya K. Freeman is affectionately known as Diva Mama Tonya around people that know her essence. That name carries brilliance of a wise woman; if you ever spoken to her in person, virtually spoken to her on face book or glimpse at her sexy aura, your energy shall become illuminative aroused. She will make you come to her presence as a wondrous child searching for the authentic truth. You’ll become astutely engage, as she, spew out ancient wisdom from our ancestor’s oratorical vault, while sitting circularly around a matriarch axis. Her voice will transcend you as she will dance, sing and chant old hymns of Goddess rhythm.

I came in connect with, Diva Mama Tonya, in the good ole’ fashionable way, Facebook, I saw her profile picture and said wow, interesting. I’m thinking interesting because she had an intriguing beauty. Her face is captivating mixed with vanilla crème and sandy brown complexion depending how the sun capture her spirit, a kissable bald, softly rub head and some passionate red lipstick…POW!!! That’s what you called stylin’ and proflin’, baby!!! She has this bold presence, as if, you wasn't liberating enough; but still gives you this confident that you can be. Of course, I read her description; she is a Visionary, Motivational Speaker, Recording Artist and Author. Her other interests are spirituality, sacred sexuality and feminine sexy vibes and as well a gatekeeper of wise women that is consider as woman shaman. When she befriends me, she welcomed me like coming to a women gathering and I’m the invited guest. She always has a friendly effervescence appeal around Facebook checking on you to see if you’re okay.

She loves woman affectionately. What I mean, she caress with her marvelous voice of sweet, but assertive granular that speaks maturation of love, wisdom and courage; teaches us the superlative way of being a feminine woman, our nurturing fragrance, our sacred moon cycle, how to dance sensually and openly, being a healer, being a lover, being sovereign woman and being unapologetic.

As a Fit, Curve beautifully Carve women these are the essential of becoming well-balance spiritual woman. We have to gain our sensuality to grow align with our spiritual bodies, as well our physical bodies. We are the ancient keepers, nurturer of life and the womb factory of creativity. Lest celebrate our femininity living more blissfully. We are more than just a scale number.

Tonya K. Freeman Bio

Diva Mama Tonya, as she is affectionately known, has been working diligently towards encouraging women to become more empowered by embracing their natural womanly cycles.

She is devoted to inspiring women along their path in blissfully reclaiming their Ancient Power.

Focused on spreading her message of empowerment through spoken word performances and speaking engagements, Dr Freeman is also an ordained inter-faith minister; has doctorate degrees in divinity, metaphysics and motivation through the Universal Life Church; is a certified Aromatherapist; a Reiki/Karuna Ki Master; and an Ancient Femi9 Wisdom Keeper; Inner Growth Consultant; Harmonic Infusion Practitioner; and Diva Advocate with over 30 years of transformational work with women.

Raised in the Village of Harlem, New York and utilizing her early parochial education, plus her love of reading and research, Dr Freeman excelled as a self-taught individual with a mind always open to learning, sharing and new experiences. These factors, along with her winsome personality, have placed her in demand as a seminar/workshop leader and as a motivational speaker to those who have had the opportunity to meet and hear her. Fun loving and possessing a zest for life, she possesses a gift which enables her to connect with persons from all walks of life.

She is now creating dancing meditation/visualization CD's where each track is a 10-12 minute workout. Here is the link to explore and listen to the samples as well as download one track if you want to get your sexy, spiritual dance on get this CD. Movement helps generate positive energy through out your body. You can use this to manifest whatever your desires deserve.

She also has a tonya and friends fan page to check other phenomenal women in her circle.

Here you can listen to archives and interviews
from women who walked in the journey of womanhood.

Her personal blog to get more info.

You can download listen to samples and purchase her CD's.

A few videos of our feature sensual sistah

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sensual Friday: The Intimacy of Hips, Butts and Thighs

Hello my sensual sistahs, welcum to another Sensual Friday. I’m going to discuss the intimacy of body movement. Dancing heals your soul through sensual movement, poetic expressions, and earthy connections. Dancing is also powerful, sexual, fire, erotic, even orgasmic. This is a great way to create sexual energy. We are born dancing in the womb, so you don't have to be train or have experience to MOVE. Women are innately born with this phenomenal gift. Our feminine energy is fluid and soft like water, that's our connection to the spiritual worlds, the creative LIFE force, the GODDESS. Dancing brings euphoric feelings of senseless attractions, a trance movement that has a mystical far-away place. You will become oblivious of your surrounding and become FREE and letting GO. Excerpt
Being a woman and dancing is the greatest marriage on earth. The most salacious part of a woman’s body except the breast, Is the lower body parts. OH YES!!!! Think about it. The lower part correlates with the hips, pelvic, thighs, butt, torso and that beautiful inner center the yoni. Those areas are the flirtiest and seductive attributes. It lays the foundation of your flirty momentum. It’s where the sexual energy ignites. It’s where the sleekest curves are more prominent. The eye of seduction is the lower part of a woman that seeks the main attention, albeit, the breasts are luscious, perky and juicy, but the lower area is the most powerful.

For men, well lest say black men love the power of the booty and everything else that is complimentary to that region. I use black men because in our culture that’s the area of storytelling using the beats of the drum. If you ever gone to parts of African Diaspora, you will see the celebratory of hips, butts and thighs being saturate with the drum beats. It’s like the lower part is being hypnotize and under a spell of the drum sounds. Those drum beats are similar to the thunderous frequency in the sky. It can rattle your soul. The lower region is little more carefree and liberated than the rest of the body. It’s the closest to the earth’s energy. The sexual organs generate bio-energy to create electrical surge through out the body to be transcend with the earth’s ionosphere. The ionosphere is very thin, but it is where aurora takes place, and is also responsible for absorbing the most energetic photons from the Sun, and for reflecting radio waves, thereby making long-distance radio communication possible. This is the seductive vibration while we are dancing in space. Dancing is like sex and has just as much concentrated sexual energy being created.

There can be traces of sexual positions in dancing…hmmmmmm mmmmm. Think about it. Dancing has plenty of pelvic gyration, deep thrust squats, sexual shifts, undulations, sensual caresses, and unison breathing. Every muscle is engage and isolated. A lot of sexual positions require strength in the inner thighs, abdominal, back and shoulders. When you can manipulate your body and have control, fluidity movements, you will increase your sexual pleasure, immensely. You will be able ecstatically excited with unlimited creativity with your lovely partner. Ever wonder why, dancers’ looks so blissful and happy especially with couple type dancing. It’s euphoric!!!!! Check out some dancehall reggae moves that is the epitome of sexual positions. Excerpt here

As a full-figure woman that is in the progress being more fit. We forget the intimacy of our own body. How it moves? The connection we have with body movement. Most full-figure women have lost their equilibrium. Some walk with a limp, hop, wobble that will deteriorate your bones overtime. It can cause fracture bones, emotional tried, lower back pain, pelvic prolapsed, and other great harm, if you don’t connect with your body. I’m 80 pounds overweight and learning how to balance and align my body properly makes a big difference in my everyday movement. The skeleton bones is supported my muscles for movement, but the skeleton is what moves the body. It just feels good to be more intimate with my body, being more engaging with body movements, feeling different parts being coordinated with other parts of body that's correlated together. Understanding my pelvic area and playing different angles of the width or narrow parts, seeing what kind circular movements I can create. When you've been over 300 pd. you don't get to be that intimate with your body, closely and deeply feeling. The body has been out of balance for so long. I feel hella good. Since then I've lost about 60. Strength training will be next, though. The connection with my body and weight training will be alot easier to hit the right muscle during training. We get so caught up in weightloss that we don’t get to feel our inner body.

Dancing is a big part of our innate characteristic. We have to keep our body more align and balance. Do you have any pain when you walk? Do some of you suffer with back pain? Do some of you wobble, hop or limp? Lest talk about it and learn from each other. This is the best start in our journey. This the Fit, Curve beautifully Carve way!!!!

Here's some hip shaking, body moving dancing


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Surya Devi is our Feature Sensual Sistah

Oh yes, I have another sensual sistah to feature today. She is the glamour of sensuality. She oozes out liquid seduction and her voice will moist a towel. She is Angelique Shofar aka Surya Devi on facebook. Even her name is sensual delight. Just like most people, I glimpse at her page on Myspace. What capture my eye the name Sexual Griot? Hmmm, sexual griot what is that, I wonder. I knew the sexual part, so I proceed to find out the griot. By definition a griot is a member of a hereditary caste among the peoples of western Africa whose function is to keep an oral history of the tribe or village and to entertain with stories, poems, songs, dances, etc. Wow interesting!! She a native African I wonder. Later I found out she is from Liberia. From the definition alone she is a brilliant dancer, sensual writer, a healer, mother, intuitive reader, lifestyle coach and astrologist. But this Goddess is always evolving to other divine intervention.

As I peek out her other pages, I will share those links with you later, I read so many great articles that she had written. During this time I was definitely in search of my own sensuality. About 3 years ago, I when I began my own search about sacred sexuality, sensuality, tantric and other relatable sources, I didn’t see many black people from my research, especially black women. But once you get on that vibration, you will surely attract those people to you and now you see bountiful of black women and men evolving in sacred sexuality. But when I saw Surya page, it was like a holiday for me. I wanted to know her.

Well, thank Goddess for facebook. I join facebook maybe 2 years ago. As I browsing around, low and behold there is Surya! I befriend her right away. I’m a shy person even in the virtual world…ha… especially approaching people. I love visiting her page, she always have sensual feminine topics that is thought provoking and interesting. Over time I began to comment here and there. She’s a very engaging person, even though you’re virtual, she makes you feel like you are sitting her living room accompany with other guest. During the process I began to open up a little and shared stories, asked question, just being relaxed. I can truly say I know her enough to grow and learn more from Surya.

She has a new adventure added to her other list of accomplishment. She is the creator of Womb Love. She will also have a workshop in the Washington DC. This her philosophy on Womb LOVE:

Our WOMBS are in a STATE of EMERGENCY! And its distortion can be seen in the plague of female reproductive disorders, sexual imbalances, the battle between the sexes, weather patterns, political rapes and assaults, violence again women, the trickling down into our human relationships - all mirroring the consciousness of our WOMBS!
This workshop is a declaration to suspend abnormal functions and activities around the womb that we have come to accept as normal, it is a call to change our destructive and disempowering WOMB habits, attitudes, beliefs & behaviors. Many wombs are imbalanced - cold, stagnant, blocked, polluted, wounded and in need of purifying and replenishing and so is our Earth's womb! To heal ours, requires us to see the direct link between our womb and that of mother earth.
The "WOMB LOVE" Workshop offers you the tools and resources to purify and restore balance and perfect health to your womb and body. You will be introduced to new ways of being in your womb, seeing and living from it. It is a comprehensive educational and practical training course. One that you will not find in the academic or medical institutions.
Do you know and understand your WOMB POWER?

DATE: FEBRUARY 13th, 2011

TIME: 12noon - 4:00pm

PLACE: The Urban Goddess Temple
Washington, DC

Cost: $60.00
(for advance registration

If you are in the area please check this Goddess out!!!

Also if you want your health, wealth, iginte your sensual fire, intuitive reading, yoga check her other links:

sexual griot

sprit of wellness

public relation


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shape Shifting to Beyond Bullshit Leaders

I love watching reality shows. Some people don’t enjoy watching those shows, but to me it’s just entertainment for laughter. It’s comical like any other menial shows. I don’t take reality shows too serious. There are some shows that are actually good to gather great information; learn strategies; different life lesson; creative ideals and different life lesson. Something about reality shows that makes it captivating and a sinful pleasure. You can look at shows like The Bad Girls Club, The Basketball Wives and other shows that demonstrate stupidity at its finest, but underneath the filth of bad mannerism, you could find a glimpse of hope, change and growth. Shows like the Biggest Loser demonstrate life lessons and vulnerabilities of people’s personal issue battling with weight. But underneath all of the weight withholds secrets of the past. Mostly weight is only culminated by sexual repression, ambiguous beliefs, family trauma and unwavering thoughts that lingers inside your tissues and gets bury beneath all the blubber. The illusive reality they use food to sexual, mentally and physically satisfy their desirable appetite. It’s a false comfort of love and support. But in life we all use faulty substitute to alter our authentic feelings of being loved. But within all of that hard concrete, you will find a bull dozer and drill you a new hole to start over.

Last night I was watching one of my favorite reality shows, “Kimora Lee: Life in the Fab Lane”. This episode was about growth. She was speaking to her ex husband Russell Simmons, about Baby Phat clothing line that she and Russell started 15 years ago. Baby Phat was the second brain child from Phat Farm; Russell’s clothing line to launch a new line for women. Kimora Lee branded Baby Phat as her signature line to allow women to live opulent, glittery fashionable, high socialite, and pretentious lifestyle, which Kimora Lee coin the name Fabulosity . It was a drag queenish, over the top of mixed of exaggerated personality. Her clothes were a holiday for everyday. More for nighttime wear not for work related, but some of us have tried, yep. But anyway, in this particular scene Baby Phat was no long being design because the line was not appropriate for the maturing woman.

Around 15 years ago, Baby Phat represented younger women between 18-30 years of age. Mostly these women have grown up with jobs, married, and business entrepreneurial furthering in different paths. Now her new business endeavors represent an innovative growth leverage to promote services for the new woman. She felt like a parent sending a child away to college, but knew that child had to grown up and let it go to find other inspirations. I thought that was a great life lesson about growth.

But why does it have to be so challenging for people to change. Change is good, right? But it’s so hard to let go of comfort and embrace a new paradigm. People love to have a leader so they can follow a more structural life; a spokesperson to tell them how to live life; a life coach to give answers and understanding; a guru to help establish a profound way to be creative. It’s wonderful to have difference of opinion and ideal as a good filler to give you some leverage, but then you BECOME your own leadership and forward it to someone else.

I remember Monique being the spoke person for BBW to be beautiful and have confident. She even had a show called “Phat Chance” a modeling show dedicated towards full-figure. Monique had a huge follower that help campaign this phenomenal movement of full-figure women loving self. This helps birth and launches other projects in every media possible like fashion, modeling, dating sites, and movies and even porn. The increase allows other full-figure to have a voice and a life of happiness. In recent time Monique has lost weight, but the backlash of some of her fans been hilarious. Why get angry for someone who wants to be healthy and in better health? WHY? Oh I see, people think she left them behind. She no longer part of the BBW crew, but wait she is still curvy and full-figure, right? So, what’s the damn problem, then? Well, few of her fans felt abandon. They feel she preach all about this empowerment of loving your body, and now she contrasting her own words. All she is doing is just flaunting her weight. Wow!!!! I don’t think she is flaunting, flashing or flicking her body, as though, she is teasing and taunting other women, but more so, being confidently happy on her journey to success. She should inspire you to do the same. Everyone evolves into the greatness of self. Don’t you want to become successful in your life? Don’t you want to have a better sex life? Don’t you want to have an erected posture without the excessive body foundation? Don’t you want to feel good? Don’t you want to have a sexier walk? Well my sensual sistahs you will need to grow and evolve.

Life is about change. You’re not an infant that constantly need someone to assist you for everything. We can be inspired by someone, but they are not your leader. You are your own leader. You create your own life and destiny. No one is leaving you behind. You are the one who’s being stagnant. This is the Law of Allowance, baby!! Allow the change to move through life like a dancer; play with different tempos and sounds; leap, jump, sway your hips to the bass of your heart; walk femininely to the earth’s drum beat, just move swiveling across the world like you have some place to go…EVOLVE…EVOLVE…EVOLVE…

I know I have 85 more pounds to lose. I am inspired by other sensual women to strive for a better womanhood. I am inspired by other women’s success. I am inspired by their Fit, Curve Beautifully Carve body. When they evolve I’m evolving as well. We are the same reflection. We all should be inspired by Kimora Lee, Monique, Oprah, your mother, sisters, aunties or just any woman that is always maturing living in their purpose. The others will stay behind because they are not of your reflections. They are still waiting for a leader.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sensual Friday: Let Me

Yesterday on Facebook, Floacist video was floating around different people wall, so I’m wondering what the spectacle was about this video. “Let Me”, is the name of the song and let me tell you sensual sistahs that video is HOTT!!!! Floacist did an outstanding job display her sensual femininity. The color scheme had a midnight, majestic, exotic experience under the Dark Goddess moonlight that sparkle her shimming golden body. She also had a male to play her lover to accentuate her sexual play.

This video reminded me of DeAngelo’s, video “How Does it Feels”, when he was naked, well illusively. You remember sensual sistahs, sweat falling down his v-shape pelvic, way down only our imagination can withhold...mmmhumm. Floacist had that same similar experience. I always ponder could a woman ever demonstrate something more on the sexy level, without being too pornographic. Well, our sensual sistah Floacist did!!! She was semi-nude. Everything was exposing except her nipples and her yoni. Her nipples were cover with pasties and wore a skinny thong. Even though they were cover, the illusive imagination still wanders, if she was REALLY naked at the bottom. It sometimes became a chameleon taking your mind there. It was a great creatively optical.

But I love the most of her intimate play with her co-star. How can I forget what a great eye candy he is? His physic was a diamond that you didn’t mind rubbing just to get that shine. The chemistry between them was magnetically adorned with lust. This video had a beautiful tantric feel roaming through all aspects of “LET ME”. How can a man resist a woman sensually asserting her self to let her make love to you? Sharing her pleasurable gifts to be explorative and sexually giving; moving her body methodically slow just so you can salivate for her even more; being a true divine Goddess to emulate the ancient Goddess mannerism; accentuating her body to curve around like a slithering snake. It just absolutely beautiful is being a woman. How to love every beautiful curve you have? Today be inspire to have that, “Let Me” moment to make someone feel special.

And just for fun for balance:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fit, Curve and Beautifully Carve Feature: Jamilla Aimamet-t Manigault

I had the pleasure to me Jamilla maybe 3 yrs. back on MySpace. She was very intriguing to me. Why I was so intrigue was her profile picture. Her profile name on MySpace was Queen Huney and she had on this green dress posing in front of a tree. She was not just only posing, she was sensually teasing the tree with her allured back-sided, while her hands entwined like a kundalini snake. I was interested to know her and what she’s about. At this time I was on my own sensual journey and was attracted to other sensual women to learn things about myself, we are the reflection of each other, aren’t we? So I ponder on her page and she had all these beautiful pictures of herself. It wasn’t anything erotic, but more a lifestyle that was comfortable for her. I was like wow, I want to be like that!!! Overtime she has grown into a business woman; teaching other women and men to live sensually.

Jamilla Manigault is the founder of the Free Life Association which includes the widely popular, dynamic, and transformational Dripping Bliss Sensual Healing Services. Jamilla is a world renowned sensual, sexual, and life coach, sexual health educator, behavioral health specialist, a trained dancer, and healer.

Jamilla has studied the amazing and healing power of sexual energy, the keys to an amazing multi-orgasmic sex life, impeccable sexual health and boundless sexual energy and power, and the time honored secrets to a fulfilling, bliss filled life for the past 10 years.

She is at the top of her field and has an incredible gift and passion in coaching and guiding people towards creating lives they desire and experiencing the wonder and beauty that they are. She has totally transformed the lives of thousands of people, young and old, across the globe.

Jamilla celebrates her sensuality and loves to empower, inspire, and teach others to celebrate themselves, live fulfilled lives, regulate breath, enjoy intimacy and allow their sexual energy to freely flow. She lives what she teaches and lives in state of bliss every day and is passionate about teaching people how to do the same.

She is available for conducting workshops, seminars, and special events. Her passion, expertise, and interactive style add a powerful and unique dynamic to any event. Be sure to schedule her for your next event!

Jamilla will also be here in Atlanta Feb.12,2011 4:00-7:00p.m for the Pleasure Power and Tantric Seminar. You can purchase your tickets here:

Tantric bliss

The Fit,Curve and Beautifully Carve ladies believe in Laws of Attraction. When we are transforming our life our sexual energy becomes more sensitive and enliven. While carving out your curves, you will become even more sensual and attracting infinite possibilities to whatever you desire. You will allow those things to happen and only accept the things that will benefit your personal growth, relationships, creative ideals and businesses. If there’s an obstacle or barrier find solutions or just don’t accept it and keep it flowing. It’s that simple. But do accept the divine gifts Jamilla is providing for your sensual transformation.

Here's more links to follow Jamilla:



Dripping Bliss


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fit, Curve and Beautifully Carve: Body Image; Fighting Against BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) and Diet Industries

This week is about loving your body. Giving it thanks for being intricate part of your life. No matter what type of shape you have, today love on it. Transformation is about the journey not the destination of your process. We are sometime are bamboozle with many saturated advertiser promoting about weight loss. The media moguls of all genre always telling how fat, lazy, obese, death driven type of hype. Where is the genuine love? Do you really want to help me or is it just another opportunity to make a profit off my fat ass, huh? I know what I look like… I see myself in the mirror… I don’t need for you to tell me other DAMN thang about my weight issue, OK!!! You are not in great shape either… just because you are smaller don’t make you better… Imma do me… I am fabulous… I look good… Big girls can do it too…Watch me work this out… I’m good… I am a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman)…. WHAT!!!! With two snap and a Z formation, BAM!!! These are wars that go between the media and sizable women. We are always fighting against something. Who are we fighting against? Are we fighting with our pride against a 68.7 billion dollar industry that is exploiting our ignorant? Do we need to compromise our weight because of our ego; I’m going to show you type mentality? On the flip side, the BBW industries are also exploiting you, too…YEP!!!! It’s a business and it is profitable to keep you divided between the parents of the diet industries and the BBW? Who will support you the most? I say NEITHER. It’s time to support our selves and be with people who truly wants to assist you in your endeavors.

How can we choose they both are so enticing? I want to lose weight with the diet industry. They promise me fast results, like pills, fad diets, gastric by-pass, surgery, gurus, and sometimes the best part, I don’t have to exercise and can eat all I want. But on the hand, the BBW industry promise me I’m fabulous and you don’t need to lose weight or exercise; you are beautiful; love your curves; be happy with yourself and use this body magic garment you’ll appear to lost 3 dress sizes.

But hey wait a minute… I can understand the diet industry being more harmful than good, but the BBW industry believes in confident and comfortablity in my OWN skin. That’s good, right? I say absolutely, you can be confident and comfortable in your own skin, but not in the integrity of your health. It feels good when there are supported people like you hyping this foolishness. Sometimes, it keeps in this fat bubble and taking your identity away. Do you really know who you are or you are just being an example, an option, but not the reason to change? People like for us to keep campaigning about our weight. We are more than just a size of our body shape. We are transformative of all aspects of our life; weight is just a fraction of our true being.

So, lest take a deep breath, awwwww. Lest go back to the beginning. Start loving your body parts. Work from the bottom of your feet to upper part of your crown. You will only take a body part a time for the whole week, starting with your legs including your feet. Then the next day it can be your yoni and buttocks, then the next day your torso, so on. You can do what ever body parts you want to start with, just as long all parts are being attentive. I just like to start from the root area first. You can become sensual with your touch. Loving every momumental curves of your body, your soft skin being firm and strong.

I did this routine started Monday. After I finish taking my bath, I put on some jazz. If you have cable, you can use the Music Choice that have jazz channel. I don’t know about all cable have this or not, either way find some soothing groove. I like using olive oil mix with my favorite oil and smoothly rub my body, while it was still damp. I place extra attention to my feet and legs. I use my deep breathing to bring more concentration and sensitivity. I allow the sensation I was feeling to circulate all over my legs, especially the inner-thighs; this great way to learn about your body more intimately. You will discover you can have internal orgasm on every body parts, independently. As I kept caressing, I gave thanks to my legs and feet. Thanking it for carry and up-lifting my beautiful frame, allowing me to dance to swing my hips around, to walk on mother earth, to walk with great posture, to walk feminine, to stand with strength and be fearless and assisting the rest of my body to move in all direction. I give thanks to you. I also visualize the transformation of the shape of my legs, the form, and the stance. I imagine being a Black Stallion and seductively walking like a feline cat.

Don’t look at your flaws, but imagine the transformation. Look at all the infinite possibilities to create the life you want. Stop letting other people making profits off your weight issues, telling your stories, telling you how you ought to be, but indentify who you are and who you going to become. Stay healthy and beautiful… Fit, Curve and Beautiful Carve!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Body Magic Ardyss…More Like a Body Lie Art-less

I love interesting, eccentric, illusive superhuman type of things. I think it’s incredibly exciting to see someone’s performance that has that WOW factor. That makes you feel, how do they do that? A Ripley Believe It or Not type of shit. I even, like going to a Japanese restaurant and seeing the chef flip, toss, rapidly cutting all the food on the countertop stove as an artful, culinary action flick. That is so super COOL!!! in my dorkiest voice. It has those magical effectors that keeps you smiling and mesmerize to every aspects of suspicion. The ambience makes you sense you are in another world being capture of their star like charisma. You are engage of the decorum of anticipation.

People put in a lot of discipline into their performance to make it look effortless and easy. There is a lot of flight time that ensue each day of rehearsal. Each practice makes that person more diligent, determinate, persistence, hard-working and focuses. Those are the characteristic of being a great athlete, dancer, bodybuilders, or someone who’s just capable to have a better qualitative life. So, how does this body magic works, again? Oh, maybe you haven’t heard about body magic, but I’m indubitably positive you have heard about it. So, lest recap those who don’t know. Well, body magic is an apparatus that can hold ALL of your body’s excessive flab, or minor areas to appear you have loss about 2 to 3 dress sizes without exercise. You will also get a better posture, butt lift, breast lift, a smaller waist line and a whole cake to go with it, so since you don’t have to exercise, right?. Ok, maybe not the cake, but the others factors of illusion unfortunately is the sweet selling part. How convenient, aye?

I have a slight problem with this contraption that every woman been raving about since its conception. I understand the whole ideal of reducing your shape to look better in your clothes and having fewer bulges, but it seems too risky. I mean, you are looking impeccable, sleek, well assemble, hair and nails done perfectible. Matter of fact, you are that woman Cherry on I’m Gonna Git You Sucka movie, when Keena Ivory Wayne took Cherry home to handle some business. He even lied about he had a 12 inch dick, um, something us ladies know all too often, but I digress, so Cherry felt obligated to tell her little secrets. Wow, a BIG OLE’ fat ass LIE. She wasn’t the person she appears to be. She was a hot mess! I don’t think I want to strap myself inside constrictive garment 3 sizes too small like a Pillsbury butter milk biscuit and having that burst sound when I’m trying to get out. How do men feel about that? You think you are getting this fine chick with a banging body and then POP goes the fat everywhere. I know me being sarcastic, but it’s the truth.

Now lest be clear, I’m not painfully against the garment, because it does have some pros. I can understand if you are taking pictures, going to a formal dinner, being in front of a camera or just participate in a special occasion, but not as a pacifier to lose fake weight. I can understand Monique wear her body magic for her show, but she also exercise. Sometimes, thick sistahs may wear foundation to keep everything in place for a performance or photo shoots to keep things looking more polish. That’s just in the factor for a professional look…just looking the “part”. A celebrity woman does this all the time skinny and thick to help camouflage their imperfections. That’s the beauty of the beast.

My main concern is accepting this garment to all of your weight issues. Yes, it will ban aide your flaws a little, but where your hard work, determination, persistence and focus is. You still have to exercise and motivate yourself to move your body. I know weight loss is challenging especially if you need to lose over 50 pounds, in my situation lest say 100. It’s very stressful to keep the adrenaline everyday to exercise. Transformation is a lifestyle. You are always changing and evolving to become better. Don’t you want to create the body as authentic the way “body magic” trying to help you achieve? Yeah, you do! It can be done. I will make it fun and exciting for you. You can move your body more freely, allowing the breeze to rise in-between your thighs. How can you feel sensual free being entrap inside of something that is not breathable? You will see changing your life is actually magical in itself. It can be sexy and fun, while you are transforming your beautiful body. I will share info and my own daily regime to help shed some pounds. Just keep reading my blogs and share with other women that can benefit from these wonderful information.

You can wear the body magic, if needed, but don’t become too dependent. Don’t accept the instantaneous fake results. You can wear it while exercising, if that keeps you motivated. I’ll opt for just holding in my belly for now…ha ha.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Weight loss tip: Goal vs. Desire

I came across this video that discusses the difference between goals and desire. After pondering on the topic for a moment, I thought it was very insightful and poignant. When we embark on a goal, it’s more structural and goal oriented. We have an immediate reaction to start a new productive lifestyle. This determination will resolute stagnate problems to become more enrich, enlighten and have a prosperous life. Goals are excellent to have to make you accountable to help you surpass your achievement. But it can also be trite and bland checking off every item on your grocery list. Well, in a hilarious way, that’s the comparison of checking off a list and checking it twice… who wants to live in a business suit type of personality... a big BLAH!!!!!

I rather have a bikini type of personality. You see, desire is contrastive from a boring goal. Desire is an orchestrated joy that you want to operate the love wheel turning in every directional pleasure. Desire is incredibly delicious drooling the taste of “wanting”. It captivates the allure and beauty for life to be purposeful and joyous. Desire is being engage with menial moments to lead up the BIGGER moments. You will be enlivened with creative ideals always being receptive to infinite possibilities to grow happily sensuous. Now that’s my type of transformation.

Weight loss is not just physical but also spiritual and mental. It’s a lifestyle base. Changing your life doesn’t have to become a goal that is WRITTEN inside a note pad, it’s to be a CREATIVE ACTIVATION being program in your daily lifestyle. It doesn’t always have be a step by step situation, but a rhythmic dance that goes through peaks and valley. Weight loss doesn’t need to be dreadful, but it can be fun and sexy watching your life transforming what you desire to become.

So lest make a desirous list that can be practical to use everyday, to every moment of your sensuous transformation. Here is mine in particular order.

My Desires…

1. To live sensually free
2. To become prosperous
3. To be sexually empowered
4. To be inquisitive to learn more
5. To write erotic poetry
6. To enjoy blissful sex
7. To dance to the rhythm of life
8. To walk with a posterior feminine walk
9. To never denied my self happiness
10. To sometimes indulge in rich tasty deserts
11. To give hugs and pleasure
12. To give great massages to my self and other
13. To look more pleasant
14. To engage more with people
15. To be submissive to my thoughts
16. To honor the feminine Goddess
17. To be with my twin flame
18. To love myself
19. To love you

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hello beautiful people. Once again we are gathering here for love for our self. I want to talk about weight for a minute. Weight is an astronomical problem here in the United States, especially for the people of color. We all know all the history of diabetes, heart problems, tumors, cardiovascular disease, and sexual problems and so forth that causes major problem within the community. It can be a financial burden and health burden to your family that may have to be caregivers to assist those in bad health. This weight loss industry is a billion dollars of revenues that is supported by the media, market advertisement, the BIG PHARMA , doctors and YOU to keep this circulated. We become infatuated with the after pictures that YOU too can look like this person propaganda. What should have been an opportunity to help people with their weight issue is only perpetuating the hardships of their emotions. The emotional damages are still there lingering and lament inside the body, just waiting for the opportunity to arrive. It’s like deploying a soldier for combat that has free will to shoot, and maybe kill someone, then send him back as a civilian without properly diagnosing his emotional hurts and faulty mind. You don’t think he/she can still remember those awful situations embedded in their sub-conscious that they can impulsively hurt someone. Yes it is still a possibility!!!

But there is one major factor that is very profitable with the sizable women community that is the BBW (Big Beautiful Woman). Being a BBW sounds very liberating, being confident and happy. It ensues all those things but is that enough being healthy and satisfy or just a movement to be trendy. I’m a BBW at the moment. I’m in the process to get FIT, CURVED AND CARVED. That’s my new motto. I’ve always kept my appearance of clothes, make-up and other essentials to look fabulous. There are some beautiful, gorgeous, voluptuous women with well define bodies. I think, most of them have work-out before, but somewhere has given up the progress to lose weight. So instead opt for the lifestyle being BBW.

I know, when a person sees me they only see my full-figure, but don’t have any notions that I’ve lost about 50 pounds, previously.I kept it off about 2 yrs., but I still have over 100 pounds to go. I love my new shapely body, but I want more off. I can have the body that I want, right? Since, this year I’ve already loss 12 pounds. YAY ME!!!! But what I find disturbing though, that when some former fatty loss weight, there are some people who are still BBW, would say, Dang, she lost all her curves, she look better bigger…WHAT!!!!! I mean, I can understand their sentiments for getting too skinny. Being skinny is not healthy, either. I believe being healthy and fit is the best approach for any weight loss standards. I know, the women of color, will never become skinny, unless you are naturally slim. The point is, I think we have gotten lazy and using being confidence and self-esteem more superior over our weight size. FIT, CURVE and CARVE are words that you are being active and as well being healthy. I think the word BIG, BEAUTIFUL are words that are subliminal and transmuted to just being BIG. When does self-esteem and confident stops becoming more superior over your weight? I mean, shouldn't it be a balance. You can be 400 to damn near 10,000 pounds (exaggerating) and have all the confidents and esteem in the galaxy, but where does it ends. Do you think we take BBW (big beautiful woman) way to far?

Let me bring some clarification. I believe you should have confident and self-esteem about yourself. In the past sizable women have been ridicule and abhorrent against their weight from other people disdainment. Society has place a bad stigma on plus size women like being lazy, ugly, non-sexual, gluttony, unmotivated, dumb every stereotypical myth to describe women's weight. There were exceptional women who became famous and display capabilities that esponge every myth like Queen Latifah, Kelly Price, Jennifer Hudson and Monique that says you can be full-figure and successful.

But, Monique set a certain standard in Hollywood to help restore other voluptuous women's well-being and esteem. She promoted sex appeal, clothing, sassiness, haughtiness and sensuality. Albeit, there were others like Monique, but she dominated being the spoke-person. Her campaign help enlist many women to follow their dreams in desiring the possibilities to become whatever they want. She even had a television show to display her brand.

Every women became hypnotize to this IDEAL. So after, plus size business started blossoming many became successful. It become more glamorize even coin different names like BBW (BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN), THICK DIMES, CURVAIOUS BODY, SIZE FINE it became glorified. Now there are modeling agencies, clothing lines, dating services, every type of Media Corporation, even right here on facebook groups.

We saw a rapid incline and a place where we can belong. The ideal was great and needed. But however, through observation there's no balance. It seems as our CONFIDENT grew our WAISTLINE became bigger. AS long their is fetishes and aggrandize corporation to bring dolla, dolla bills yall, I think we have became enslave with this image being promoted.

Our confident and esteem is more superior to our weight size. You don't have to be a size 2, but be healthy. As you become older your body can not withhold all that damn weight; you will lose muscle value; you will ache; have potential adding MORE weight; you walk slower; your flexibility will decrease; you will start to wobble...see what I mean. You have to remain active and healthy. Still keep your Curve but just Carve it a little. So the new word can be I'M CURVE BUT CARVE.

I just want you to look at the longetivity of your future. I hope you want to live beyond 50 years. Trust me will be become harder as you age. Then it’s not going to be cute and fabulous anymore. No matter how we feel about exercise, we still have to remain active. I will show you fun ways shedding the pound and still feeling sexy and sensual. Who says weight loss has to be boring, it can be deliciously fun and exciting.

Monday, January 17, 2011

What the Dark Goddess is teaching me? Remember, Reinventing and Reintroduction

Hello beautiful people!!! I haven’t written in my blog for a while. I know, I’ve been infrequent writing in my blog, but I will become much better contributing and sharing vital information with you. This a new year, or should, I say a new change of a year. The New Year that we celebrate festively isn’t the New Year. The New Year only implies during the start of spring. It’s much better that way, don’t you think? It’s more enliven, active, blooming, creatively open and more abundance. We are still in hibernation season reflecting and being submissive with our thoughts connecting with the universe. We are gathering and harvesting our ideas and desire to manifest during the spring time. We are still being activated inside of darkness.

Lately, the Dark Goddess has been engaging me back into the Womb, to go back to hibernate my e-motions (energy in motions) and learn how to transmute anger, fear, insecurities, impatient, and laziness into powerful contribution toward spiritual wealth. These are my dark shadows of my self that has been self-sabotaging my life. I’ve grown a lot more recently, but haven’t engaged it through it physically into my reality. I’ve contribute, shared and embark a lot of knowledge and wisdom to other people, but not to myself, fully and earnestly. How can I be a vessel of the FEMININE ENERGY if I’m not equipping it for myself? It’s not easy to display images of your angelic good side than exposing your weakness to be judge and ridicule by others. How to be truly authentic in your spiritual walk? How to face adversities amidst the unknown? How to find acceptance within others and indifferences? How to be loving and compassionate towards others? These questions are deep seated within the DARKNESS. The modalities may not be fascinatingly beautiful, but becoming vulnerable and self-aware brings veneration to your personally growth.

Being in the dark, may seem scary and dreadful for most people because they don’t overstand real transformation. Darkness is where life begins and ends. Darkness is the spiraling dance that moves constantly through life, death and re-birth and regenerating new creative ideas. Darkness is CHAOIC that starts the creative design to bring BALANCE and a HARMONIOUS flow to emerge through the LIGHT. Darkness is where Lightness begins to convert your life differently and freely…well just BEING.

This clairvoyant overview has shown me clues from different aspects through reading books, other people’s introspection, and media outlook and through my own inner-thoughts. What I gather is to learn how to balance my masculine energy with my feminine energy. Masculine energy is about being active, being a leader, protection, and being a solider from you within. Sometimes, we can lack those areas within ourselves, just as much; women can have to much masculine, but in my situation its lack of masculine characteristic. I’m not protecting my interested; being a leader in my life and taking the initiative to be a soldier for myself. As a woman, we need to be balance with both. Your inside reality should reflect your outside reality. If we are not, we are only living a lie, facade, being pretentious and not being authentic with ourselves. Our power will not be operable if we are unbalance, you are just confusing at the universe of what your truly desire the most of life.

I can’t live that type of lifestyle anymore. It’s not fulfilling my life; sensually it’s not healthy and stunting my growth of possibilities to become MORE!!!! This is a transformational overhaul of any wasteful, toxic, burden gunk on my physical, mental and spiritual to become eradicated so that I’m living more sensuous and happy. There are more to come of this fascinating exposure to share and hopefully some things can resonate with you.