Friday, January 28, 2011

Sensual Friday: Let Me

Yesterday on Facebook, Floacist video was floating around different people wall, so I’m wondering what the spectacle was about this video. “Let Me”, is the name of the song and let me tell you sensual sistahs that video is HOTT!!!! Floacist did an outstanding job display her sensual femininity. The color scheme had a midnight, majestic, exotic experience under the Dark Goddess moonlight that sparkle her shimming golden body. She also had a male to play her lover to accentuate her sexual play.

This video reminded me of DeAngelo’s, video “How Does it Feels”, when he was naked, well illusively. You remember sensual sistahs, sweat falling down his v-shape pelvic, way down only our imagination can withhold...mmmhumm. Floacist had that same similar experience. I always ponder could a woman ever demonstrate something more on the sexy level, without being too pornographic. Well, our sensual sistah Floacist did!!! She was semi-nude. Everything was exposing except her nipples and her yoni. Her nipples were cover with pasties and wore a skinny thong. Even though they were cover, the illusive imagination still wanders, if she was REALLY naked at the bottom. It sometimes became a chameleon taking your mind there. It was a great creatively optical.

But I love the most of her intimate play with her co-star. How can I forget what a great eye candy he is? His physic was a diamond that you didn’t mind rubbing just to get that shine. The chemistry between them was magnetically adorned with lust. This video had a beautiful tantric feel roaming through all aspects of “LET ME”. How can a man resist a woman sensually asserting her self to let her make love to you? Sharing her pleasurable gifts to be explorative and sexually giving; moving her body methodically slow just so you can salivate for her even more; being a true divine Goddess to emulate the ancient Goddess mannerism; accentuating her body to curve around like a slithering snake. It just absolutely beautiful is being a woman. How to love every beautiful curve you have? Today be inspire to have that, “Let Me” moment to make someone feel special.

And just for fun for balance:

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