Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fit, Curve and Beautifully Carve Feature: Jamilla Aimamet-t Manigault

I had the pleasure to me Jamilla maybe 3 yrs. back on MySpace. She was very intriguing to me. Why I was so intrigue was her profile picture. Her profile name on MySpace was Queen Huney and she had on this green dress posing in front of a tree. She was not just only posing, she was sensually teasing the tree with her allured back-sided, while her hands entwined like a kundalini snake. I was interested to know her and what she’s about. At this time I was on my own sensual journey and was attracted to other sensual women to learn things about myself, we are the reflection of each other, aren’t we? So I ponder on her page and she had all these beautiful pictures of herself. It wasn’t anything erotic, but more a lifestyle that was comfortable for her. I was like wow, I want to be like that!!! Overtime she has grown into a business woman; teaching other women and men to live sensually.

Jamilla Manigault is the founder of the Free Life Association which includes the widely popular, dynamic, and transformational Dripping Bliss Sensual Healing Services. Jamilla is a world renowned sensual, sexual, and life coach, sexual health educator, behavioral health specialist, a trained dancer, and healer.

Jamilla has studied the amazing and healing power of sexual energy, the keys to an amazing multi-orgasmic sex life, impeccable sexual health and boundless sexual energy and power, and the time honored secrets to a fulfilling, bliss filled life for the past 10 years.

She is at the top of her field and has an incredible gift and passion in coaching and guiding people towards creating lives they desire and experiencing the wonder and beauty that they are. She has totally transformed the lives of thousands of people, young and old, across the globe.

Jamilla celebrates her sensuality and loves to empower, inspire, and teach others to celebrate themselves, live fulfilled lives, regulate breath, enjoy intimacy and allow their sexual energy to freely flow. She lives what she teaches and lives in state of bliss every day and is passionate about teaching people how to do the same.

She is available for conducting workshops, seminars, and special events. Her passion, expertise, and interactive style add a powerful and unique dynamic to any event. Be sure to schedule her for your next event!

Jamilla will also be here in Atlanta Feb.12,2011 4:00-7:00p.m for the Pleasure Power and Tantric Seminar. You can purchase your tickets here:

Tantric bliss

The Fit,Curve and Beautifully Carve ladies believe in Laws of Attraction. When we are transforming our life our sexual energy becomes more sensitive and enliven. While carving out your curves, you will become even more sensual and attracting infinite possibilities to whatever you desire. You will allow those things to happen and only accept the things that will benefit your personal growth, relationships, creative ideals and businesses. If there’s an obstacle or barrier find solutions or just don’t accept it and keep it flowing. It’s that simple. But do accept the divine gifts Jamilla is providing for your sensual transformation.

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