Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Weight loss tip: Goal vs. Desire

I came across this video that discusses the difference between goals and desire. After pondering on the topic for a moment, I thought it was very insightful and poignant. When we embark on a goal, it’s more structural and goal oriented. We have an immediate reaction to start a new productive lifestyle. This determination will resolute stagnate problems to become more enrich, enlighten and have a prosperous life. Goals are excellent to have to make you accountable to help you surpass your achievement. But it can also be trite and bland checking off every item on your grocery list. Well, in a hilarious way, that’s the comparison of checking off a list and checking it twice… who wants to live in a business suit type of personality... a big BLAH!!!!!

I rather have a bikini type of personality. You see, desire is contrastive from a boring goal. Desire is an orchestrated joy that you want to operate the love wheel turning in every directional pleasure. Desire is incredibly delicious drooling the taste of “wanting”. It captivates the allure and beauty for life to be purposeful and joyous. Desire is being engage with menial moments to lead up the BIGGER moments. You will be enlivened with creative ideals always being receptive to infinite possibilities to grow happily sensuous. Now that’s my type of transformation.

Weight loss is not just physical but also spiritual and mental. It’s a lifestyle base. Changing your life doesn’t have to become a goal that is WRITTEN inside a note pad, it’s to be a CREATIVE ACTIVATION being program in your daily lifestyle. It doesn’t always have be a step by step situation, but a rhythmic dance that goes through peaks and valley. Weight loss doesn’t need to be dreadful, but it can be fun and sexy watching your life transforming what you desire to become.

So lest make a desirous list that can be practical to use everyday, to every moment of your sensuous transformation. Here is mine in particular order.

My Desires…

1. To live sensually free
2. To become prosperous
3. To be sexually empowered
4. To be inquisitive to learn more
5. To write erotic poetry
6. To enjoy blissful sex
7. To dance to the rhythm of life
8. To walk with a posterior feminine walk
9. To never denied my self happiness
10. To sometimes indulge in rich tasty deserts
11. To give hugs and pleasure
12. To give great massages to my self and other
13. To look more pleasant
14. To engage more with people
15. To be submissive to my thoughts
16. To honor the feminine Goddess
17. To be with my twin flame
18. To love myself
19. To love you

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