Monday, January 17, 2011

What the Dark Goddess is teaching me? Remember, Reinventing and Reintroduction

Hello beautiful people!!! I haven’t written in my blog for a while. I know, I’ve been infrequent writing in my blog, but I will become much better contributing and sharing vital information with you. This a new year, or should, I say a new change of a year. The New Year that we celebrate festively isn’t the New Year. The New Year only implies during the start of spring. It’s much better that way, don’t you think? It’s more enliven, active, blooming, creatively open and more abundance. We are still in hibernation season reflecting and being submissive with our thoughts connecting with the universe. We are gathering and harvesting our ideas and desire to manifest during the spring time. We are still being activated inside of darkness.

Lately, the Dark Goddess has been engaging me back into the Womb, to go back to hibernate my e-motions (energy in motions) and learn how to transmute anger, fear, insecurities, impatient, and laziness into powerful contribution toward spiritual wealth. These are my dark shadows of my self that has been self-sabotaging my life. I’ve grown a lot more recently, but haven’t engaged it through it physically into my reality. I’ve contribute, shared and embark a lot of knowledge and wisdom to other people, but not to myself, fully and earnestly. How can I be a vessel of the FEMININE ENERGY if I’m not equipping it for myself? It’s not easy to display images of your angelic good side than exposing your weakness to be judge and ridicule by others. How to be truly authentic in your spiritual walk? How to face adversities amidst the unknown? How to find acceptance within others and indifferences? How to be loving and compassionate towards others? These questions are deep seated within the DARKNESS. The modalities may not be fascinatingly beautiful, but becoming vulnerable and self-aware brings veneration to your personally growth.

Being in the dark, may seem scary and dreadful for most people because they don’t overstand real transformation. Darkness is where life begins and ends. Darkness is the spiraling dance that moves constantly through life, death and re-birth and regenerating new creative ideas. Darkness is CHAOIC that starts the creative design to bring BALANCE and a HARMONIOUS flow to emerge through the LIGHT. Darkness is where Lightness begins to convert your life differently and freely…well just BEING.

This clairvoyant overview has shown me clues from different aspects through reading books, other people’s introspection, and media outlook and through my own inner-thoughts. What I gather is to learn how to balance my masculine energy with my feminine energy. Masculine energy is about being active, being a leader, protection, and being a solider from you within. Sometimes, we can lack those areas within ourselves, just as much; women can have to much masculine, but in my situation its lack of masculine characteristic. I’m not protecting my interested; being a leader in my life and taking the initiative to be a soldier for myself. As a woman, we need to be balance with both. Your inside reality should reflect your outside reality. If we are not, we are only living a lie, facade, being pretentious and not being authentic with ourselves. Our power will not be operable if we are unbalance, you are just confusing at the universe of what your truly desire the most of life.

I can’t live that type of lifestyle anymore. It’s not fulfilling my life; sensually it’s not healthy and stunting my growth of possibilities to become MORE!!!! This is a transformational overhaul of any wasteful, toxic, burden gunk on my physical, mental and spiritual to become eradicated so that I’m living more sensuous and happy. There are more to come of this fascinating exposure to share and hopefully some things can resonate with you.

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