Monday, January 24, 2011

Body Magic Ardyss…More Like a Body Lie Art-less

I love interesting, eccentric, illusive superhuman type of things. I think it’s incredibly exciting to see someone’s performance that has that WOW factor. That makes you feel, how do they do that? A Ripley Believe It or Not type of shit. I even, like going to a Japanese restaurant and seeing the chef flip, toss, rapidly cutting all the food on the countertop stove as an artful, culinary action flick. That is so super COOL!!! in my dorkiest voice. It has those magical effectors that keeps you smiling and mesmerize to every aspects of suspicion. The ambience makes you sense you are in another world being capture of their star like charisma. You are engage of the decorum of anticipation.

People put in a lot of discipline into their performance to make it look effortless and easy. There is a lot of flight time that ensue each day of rehearsal. Each practice makes that person more diligent, determinate, persistence, hard-working and focuses. Those are the characteristic of being a great athlete, dancer, bodybuilders, or someone who’s just capable to have a better qualitative life. So, how does this body magic works, again? Oh, maybe you haven’t heard about body magic, but I’m indubitably positive you have heard about it. So, lest recap those who don’t know. Well, body magic is an apparatus that can hold ALL of your body’s excessive flab, or minor areas to appear you have loss about 2 to 3 dress sizes without exercise. You will also get a better posture, butt lift, breast lift, a smaller waist line and a whole cake to go with it, so since you don’t have to exercise, right?. Ok, maybe not the cake, but the others factors of illusion unfortunately is the sweet selling part. How convenient, aye?

I have a slight problem with this contraption that every woman been raving about since its conception. I understand the whole ideal of reducing your shape to look better in your clothes and having fewer bulges, but it seems too risky. I mean, you are looking impeccable, sleek, well assemble, hair and nails done perfectible. Matter of fact, you are that woman Cherry on I’m Gonna Git You Sucka movie, when Keena Ivory Wayne took Cherry home to handle some business. He even lied about he had a 12 inch dick, um, something us ladies know all too often, but I digress, so Cherry felt obligated to tell her little secrets. Wow, a BIG OLE’ fat ass LIE. She wasn’t the person she appears to be. She was a hot mess! I don’t think I want to strap myself inside constrictive garment 3 sizes too small like a Pillsbury butter milk biscuit and having that burst sound when I’m trying to get out. How do men feel about that? You think you are getting this fine chick with a banging body and then POP goes the fat everywhere. I know me being sarcastic, but it’s the truth.

Now lest be clear, I’m not painfully against the garment, because it does have some pros. I can understand if you are taking pictures, going to a formal dinner, being in front of a camera or just participate in a special occasion, but not as a pacifier to lose fake weight. I can understand Monique wear her body magic for her show, but she also exercise. Sometimes, thick sistahs may wear foundation to keep everything in place for a performance or photo shoots to keep things looking more polish. That’s just in the factor for a professional look…just looking the “part”. A celebrity woman does this all the time skinny and thick to help camouflage their imperfections. That’s the beauty of the beast.

My main concern is accepting this garment to all of your weight issues. Yes, it will ban aide your flaws a little, but where your hard work, determination, persistence and focus is. You still have to exercise and motivate yourself to move your body. I know weight loss is challenging especially if you need to lose over 50 pounds, in my situation lest say 100. It’s very stressful to keep the adrenaline everyday to exercise. Transformation is a lifestyle. You are always changing and evolving to become better. Don’t you want to create the body as authentic the way “body magic” trying to help you achieve? Yeah, you do! It can be done. I will make it fun and exciting for you. You can move your body more freely, allowing the breeze to rise in-between your thighs. How can you feel sensual free being entrap inside of something that is not breathable? You will see changing your life is actually magical in itself. It can be sexy and fun, while you are transforming your beautiful body. I will share info and my own daily regime to help shed some pounds. Just keep reading my blogs and share with other women that can benefit from these wonderful information.

You can wear the body magic, if needed, but don’t become too dependent. Don’t accept the instantaneous fake results. You can wear it while exercising, if that keeps you motivated. I’ll opt for just holding in my belly for now…ha ha.

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