Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sexual Energy: The Basis of Consciousness

I’m in wonderment about the word Conscious. We have read, heard and use it in every dialogue in the most sophisticated matter. This most glorified word is a prominent fixture in all religion and spiritual grandiose, pompous theatrical oratory speaking events. Not everyone is privy to this type of magical displays, or maybe, not on the same vibrated level of connection, but everyone does have a Conscious Mind. But the issues are everyone incomprehensively doesn’t understand the meaning of conscious. It is foreign. It is some other language, RDD2 type of shit. While we are in this New Age of awareness, people are even more confused of the prospects of this magical energy flow called Conscious. But really it’s a very simple concept without all the jargons of elitist groups, or some big cosmo-galactical sermon. It’s very durable. I will explicably try to explain in laymen terms, the way I have conceptualize it for me.

What is Conscious? It is a feeling of awakening, enliven, understanding, being in existence in life. Now what is Sexual Energy? It is our life force, our creative energy, our horny-ness, our passion, our breath; it is useable energy that will create something in the physical, without it you are dead. That sounds reasonable enough, right? Well this simplicity is hard to gasp for most people. People think life is a GREAT BIG production of a GREAT BIG explosion and a GREAT BIG tangible something that will appear out of nowhere. I really don’t know what it is, but it is not that BIG, but something relatively small that grows in abundance. It is something that we use to create people, places and things. It is a seed of thought, ideal and a composite of what that inanimate product will become, eventually.

Lest take it back elementary style. Lest say a man and a woman want to create a child, it will take a sperm from the male and an egg from the female. Now within this process both are having a feeling of awakening that now exists in their body. The thought of having a sexual relation is emerging (Conscious) and the energy is becoming more intense, more passionate and the breathing is becoming more rapidly incline (Sexual Energy). The man will insert his penis inside the women’s vagina. The Sexual Energy is now in an accelerated motion that will explode into an orgasm. Remember the sperm; the sperm is being chemicalize from the male’s sexual energy. The sperm is the seat of Consciousness that holds the characteristic, the personality, a full composite of the inanimate product, which is a child. In laymen terms, it’s every single THOUGHT inside the sperm. Now the sperm needs a place to be incubated inside a black hole, which is inside the women’s vagina. The female’s egg is the fertilizer that also been chemicalize from the female’s sexual energy from blood menstruation, nutrients, and thoughts, but there are more spiritual complexities that a woman endure during pregnancy. That’s another blog. So lest stay simple. Now during the incubation stage, the egg will grow through involution phrase. Sexual Energy is being use in this state, too. Sexual Energy is being transmuted into concentrative, potent energy growing within it-self, evolve into a physical matter. This physical matter becomes a child.

(Conscious + Sexual Energy = Physical Creation (Reality)
This same philosophy is used with EVERYTHING….EVERYTHING. A house, a car, clothes, pencil, paper, animals, insects, plants; it is every astronomical single thing on Earth and also the Universe. Everything is relative, inter connective, as above, so below…yep…EVERYTHING. This is the sacred mathematical equation for anything that is part reality.
You may ask, Well, I can understand the sperm and egg concept to create a child, but how will that same formula be operative in my life? I’m glad you asked that question; well remember conscious being an awakening factor that is constantly being activated like awakening from your sleep, brushing your teeth, putting on your clothes, eating breakfast everyday you are making a conscious decision to become productive. Through these actions are thoughts to be added as a descriptive vehicle, adding some spunk and flavor in your reality. For example, are you happy, joyful, passionate, sad, mad or angry? You are emotionalizing your thoughts into action. Sexual Energy aggrandizes these thoughts into higher privileges into opening all the physical equivalency. In other words, your energy becomes more magnetize of people around you. Have you ever heard statements like, it’s something about that person’s energy that I liked or disliked; that person has a great aura; that person makes me feel good or bad, we can get exhaustive here, but the point is we are driven by sexual energy?

This formula can help you create a business, create innovative product, create a luscious home, creating a mate, whatever you want and desire. Life is Conscious. Life is Creative and so are you. This is just my comprehension and basic learning about Conscious living. I’m still forever learning about life as I take my journey ecstatically being in my purpose.

Written By April Malone © 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sexual Energy: The Real Law of Attraction

The first obtainable part of the secret is your thoughts, a burning desire, breaking all obstacles, having a definite yearning and using undefeatable situation as a learning tool for preparations for your real Purpose. Sometimes your life can be like an omnipresent media outlook. Giving you clues and being astutely aware of tangible and intangible atmospheric views to guide into your reality for your desired possibilities. Being present allows the providential occurrences to become greater in hindsight to observe your new awakening thoughts.

The easiest way to obtain this BURNING DESIRE is through your sexual energy. It’s the most potency of fuel power to ignite that BURNING DESIRE. Most methodical systems about achieving the SECRET, gives the patrons misrepresentation that you must have adequate education, wealth of money, already prioritize to comprehensibly achieve the soundings from different elite groups, but it’s already manufacture inside of you without the substantial greed.

But how do you attain such emotions and understanding of prolific qualities of sexual energies. Sexual energies are the fuels to emotionalize your feelings. These emotions are interconnected with LOVE, FAITH AND SEX. All three purposes will enhance the veneration of you. Your sub-conscious mind becomes the transportation to the Definite Intelligence that controls the ALL beings. We are eluded through the FAITH of possibilities to provide the physical equivalent to become a reality. In order to have FAITH is live your life through LOVE of all dimensions of life. Sexual energy is the prominent source that creates the movements of your emotions and feelings, these sources of energies provides the stabilization of LOVE, FAITH and SEX.

So if these feelings are equip to elevate our minds into faith in knowing we are able to achieve our desirable wants, how is one to know and familiarize our emotions with sexual energy? Well sexual energy can be both constructive and destructive through a person’s sub-conscious thoughts, which is, the faith bases of your mind connected with the Definite Intelligence. In order to be constructive, one needs to remain positive. Positivity is the dominate force that magnetize your life’s surroundings. Solitarily it comes from you through sexual health and well-being. Being in great standings with your physical health, gives the saying, if you feel good, you look good gives that statement its best exemplary point. Your sub-conscious mind is the fuel base from within to bring the reality into physical equivalent being produce, played out and demonstrated in all aspects of your life. It’s easily to instruct our sub-conscious to believe in our destructive behavior becoming quarantinable in a disease stricken canal creating poverty inside your mind. That will increase self-doubt, over-eating, being over-weight, non-sexual, hatred, violent and broken. So your reality can be done how ever you want to be.

Sometimes this process seems relatively easy to attain, ostensibly it takes a lot of self-discipline and determination to be presented. How would you change your life, if you hand the magical wand to instantaneously change your life? What one thing can you change now? What ever you change that will be your greatest starting focal point.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sexual Health and Exercise pt.2: Serotonin and Dopamine

Healthy sexual energy through exercise is an important part of our daily lives from the endocrine system. Our bodies are made of cells that are the building blocks. We operate on a cellular level that holds information from our hormones, which is the messenger that uses cells to travel through the blood streams, even though the hormones travels as well, but it only effect the cells that are genetically programmed to receive and responds to the messages. Hormones can be influence by stress, sexual repressions, infections and detriment emotions. The glands also play important roles in sexual health. The glands are a group of cells that produce chemicals that secretes through out the bodies. The endocrine glands have 20 major hormones that are release in the bloodstreams to be transported by cells. Dang the cells are the business!!! The sex hormones are typical the culprit for major mishap correlated towards our health. There are two sex hormones I want to discuss are serotonin and dopamine. I called it the male and female energy duo, the neurotransmitters in the brain.

We are energetic people, period. Let’s say you sit down mediating or relaxed in your breathing. You will notice a slight intense feeling. This feeling will feel good. That’s your sexual energy the most potent energy that is powerful. This comes from your sexual organs. If you are aware and if you keep breathing you can feel your energy rising from your spine. This is called the Kundalini Energy. While you are in this state of being, if someone comes behind you and touch, that energy will become intensely commanding. At this moment you may want to have sex or be intimate with this person immediately. It’s a gratify feeling. This is human nature. I gave that example to demonstrate the divine quality of energy and the impact of your thoughts how it can translate into a negative or positive situation, because everything is stimulated from the genitals.

We are motivated people driven by force to want and need possessions. Dopamine is commonly associated with pleasure which is your motive systems, this where your emotions are stored in the hypothalamus, providing feeling of enjoyment and reinforcement to motivate a person proactively to perform certain activities. Dopamine is released by naturally rewarding experiences such as food, sex and use of certain drugs and neutral stimuli that become associated with them. Dopamine has many functions of the brain; the way the brain controls our movements. Exercise will help increase the levels of desire. When you exercise you are changing the shape of your body that will create a habit to reward the possibilities of your realities. This is a great motivational tool.

We are also emotional people, this is also true more so in women. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain. Serotonin is made from amino acids, called tryptophan. This hormone is about how you “feel”, if your serotonin becomes too low, you will become depress. Its importance into the bodily functions includes mood, sleeping abilities, metabolism, appetite and sexuality. Health issues as depression and obesity been linked to imbalance in serotonins levels. Women are prone to this more to develop some deficiencies because lost of sexual desire; being non-orgasmic; being competitive amongst men and women; suppressing your femininity and sensuality. In order for women to engross in her well-being, we need to fully develop a sensual, healthy lifestyle. This is what effect your estrogen level, as well. Serotonin deserve a topic by itself, it’s that powerful and the effectors that cause nervous breakdown, weight gains, a delinquency in sexual attitudes. Basically, you will be miserable. I’ll revisit this again in a future blog about, women and serotonins a very serious topic.

Ok, lest speak how it effect in the sexual relation. Both serotonins and dopamine plays a big role in our well-being. Relatively, the amounts of both hormones are distributed differently in men and women. Both sexes are carriers, but women have more dopamine than men and men have more serotonin than women.

Dopamines in women our emotions and feelings are more intensify during sexual arousal. We open our heart more becoming more sexually motivated. When we are sexually motivated we are more creative; more orgasmic; we will be more sensitive to a touch. The oxytocin, other sexual hormones, is release for bonding with our partner. We like to nurture our partner sexually; being attentive to his desired needs; receiving his love, caresses and sensual touches. These things allow you to become that “Sex Kitten”, or “Brazen Lover”. Dopamine helps women to identify themselves as feminine and boost up their serotonins feeling happy and satisfy.

Serotonin in men is stronger. It makes them more passionate; more control of their well-being; more courage to adventure; being a leader; more pleasing and willing to satisfy you, giving what you want willingly. But if the serotonin becomes too low, men will become impulsive and too aggressive the serotonins are imbalance. The dopamine will encourage men’s well-being to be beneficial for his lover and family.

You see, women need to be happy, satisfy, and loving to support a man’s health to provide her the best quality of life. We can not deny the complimentary between men and women. Sexual health is so important to maintain a strong, foundational relationship.

This is just a basic overview about sexual health. I’m just fascinated about how sex and exercise are relatable. This is a personal journey to learn and just sharing it to the world.

Be bless!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Exercise and Sexual Attractiveness part1

Sexual Attractiveness is what makes sexual energy recognizable to see, taste, hear, touch and smell by using our sensuality. We can identify it as feminine energy or masculine energy. That’s the mutual attractions of the opposite sex. Sensuality is the soil of your foundation that has many aspects of a sexual being. Sexual attractiveness is the most potent in relationship because it stems from sexual energy. This help you attract whatever you deserve in a mate, business, spiritually, and physically.

Most time we figure that our looks are the source of attraction; it’s only a fraction. It’s not the only thing that contributes to your well-being. If you become obsessive only with your looks, it will become destructive. We have all gone through some desperate way to lose weight. Sometimes it can be drastic change through plastic surgery, gastric bypass and innumerable fad diets; these type of choices leads to devastation, heartache, and financial constraint, but very popular. If your physical attractiveness was the only thing, then everyone would be happy with themselves. There are numerous of beautiful woman exist, but not everyone process sexual attractiveness. The truth be told, beauty is from within your sexual feminine energy. You look beautiful from within; the outside will reflect that effortlessly. Ponder on this, when you eat healthy you will lose weight without saying you are. That’s just one of the incentives. If losing weight was it, then everyone would be satisfied. Sexual attractiveness acts the same way.

Even though, a few people are tapped in by default because maybe their environment help them establish that attribute, but still they don’t know how to tap into that energy, directly. Through our sensual senses we are connected to the infinity of life. If a person cannot touch, taste, smell, hear or see they will be totally unconscious. Conscious is developing through sensuality. Reconnected with your senses will allow to know yourself better. We have different perception of ourselves through family, friends and religion. Sometimes our real thoughts are basically view from other people’s perceptions. Connecting with your senses will help you see more details than just seeing the bigger picture.

This is a very concentrated energy that pulls from your navel where most of your sexual energy is stored. This attraction is about “attracting” your desire, joy and passion with life. Exercising is the portal that defines, accentuates, illuminate, and activate every cells of your body. This consists on breathing, body movements, healthy eating and also positive thoughts. This will be a part 2 on this subject as I breakdown the alchemy of true healthy sexual healing through exercise, which is cause of all of our dis-ease problems, relationships, economics and sexual perception.

I’m learning these techniques, through my own weightless journey. I’ m always self-discovering about sensuality and the power that births every infinite possibilities.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First the Flower then the Fruit

How can you have so much love but anger as well? I ask this question because it’s the duality of a constant fight. The only determination is what emotion will win the war or become a more dominant residence inside my spirit. I was watching a video, the other day, of one of my divine, luscious friend’s in telling insights about gardening. It was one particular, profound statement he mentions several times over that made me ponder even further to my question; he mentioned, first the flower than the fruit. This was echoing back to me; first the flower than the fruit, as though it was speaking to me directly to my heart. The story goes; the flower will bloom than fall off; right after that the budding of the fruit will start to develop. So even, nature goes through to some duality, a double process of elimination or a least have some balance of the two.

But even, processing this thought of love and anger is a weary combination, especially when you are sabotaging yourself of a fulfill life. I’m trying to figure out this anger that has a quiet rumbling sound. It’s that type of anger that sneaks up behind you; then strikes without even knowing the culprit’s face; it happens so fast with no warning; which can be deadly, if you are not aware. I have become more aware of this lately, but now it’s about time to find the root cause of this crazy madness.

Well let’s describe how my anger operates in my life and how it mirrors it back to me. Most anger can be very rebellious from a dangerous construction. This type of anger intends to be more intense and fiery. The individual may be corrupted by the system; being promiscuous; abusing drugs and alcohol; rotating back to jail; having no respect for the authorities or elders; and being combative and confrontational towards people who’s undeserving for that type of behavior. If I behave in that matter, it would be obvious that I am angry, wouldn’t it? I’m not saying I haven’t use some tactics of outburst but it wouldn’t be my distinctive behavior in the norm. My anger is more internal. It shows up in my insecurities, my weight and love life. The way this happen someone could be pursuing their life’s goal, you congratulate them on their endeavors, but then you feed yourself negative talk about how you are a failure or loser because you haven’t endure in your life’s purpose. People may not know your personal struggles; they are just being themselves enjoying life. This anger is only a reflection where you are lacking in your journey. You may find a guy that has all the qualities that you love that suits you, divinely. Perhaps, you’ll say I’m not good enough for him; I’m not smart enough to carry a conversation; pretty enough; fine enough or whatever. I’ve gone through many scenarios I have mentioned above. I have self-sabotaged a lot of opportunities.

Most of this anger is resentment towards both my parents. I never dealt with the divorce as a child, the separation from my father, distance from my brother, not being a family and other things that I would not mention in this blog, maybe only when it’s necessary. I was always nonchalant and aloof about the situations. I thought I was ok because I wasn’t rebelling. I told you this silent anger will creep up on you. I’ve been carry this anger for 30 something years…wow!!!!

The love has been there, also. Even though, I may have resented my parents, but I love them, too. I love how I had a different type of relationship with my parents and siblings. I’m the youngest of three. I got treated a little different. I wasn’t spoil…ok, maybe a little, but I wasn’t a spoil brat. I just knew I was loved. That love evaporated to all my teachers at school; I formulated great bonds from neighborhood friends and had some beautiful connection with everyone, even the school janitor. I love the way my siblings had my back, when sometimes I got on punishment; and couldn’t go outside, so as soon my parents left from work…that’s right…I was out playing with my friends; they never knew it. I love the way how my brother and I always make fun of each other; sticking my tongue at him, taking each other things from each other, but it was all love and funny. I love the way my sister nurture me, while my mom was at work; braiding my hair; helping me with my clothes; hanging out with her older friends, even though, I may have gotten on her nerves. It was just your typical older and younger sister drama. I love when I went to church with my mom; go grocery shopping together, sitting inside the buggy; and just being around her presence, but she will whoop that ass…pop!!!! While my mother was more of the disciplinary, my father was a little easier. He seems to always want to protect me, sometimes over-protective and domineering to other people, when it came to his children. His presence made me feel safe as a child. I do wonder, if things were different, how life would be now for me. I guess that would be another topic.

Through some reminiscing, I learn I have love. I feel love everywhere. I become attach to those emotions. It can come from any remote places like T.V. when a kiss is shared; a loving bond is shared, even though, everything else seems script but in that moment of love it becomes optimistic; being in presence of love; the fun-loving love; hearing a loving conversation and love gestures between lovers; a loving family structure and many inspiring, loving attributes. There is always anticipation according to love that one day it can happen for you. I certainly can identify it, where as, most people have forgotten.

First the flower than the fruit is synonymous for our life entrance in tune with nature’s vibration. A garden which bears the flower has its own internal vibrational energy system. It’s the feminine energy that holds the mysterious information of the budding fruit. It set a divine tone and orchestra the flow of the garden. It determines how successful your fruits will be for harvesting. It lives in dark matter inside the black soil, trying to process the conscious of the seed; the infinite thoughts of life. It’s the passion of sensuality connected to the sun’s energy. It’s the energy that is put into action. The flower becomes the nurturer, feeding the nutrients and attracting bees for its nectar to make the bud stronger. The flower knows its life purpose to do all of the necessities to accomplish a goal. The flower sets a strong foundation to build upon. It’s also easier to look for any potential danger that may stump the bud’s full potential. My divine friend said, he intentionally allow some weeds to grow within the garden to attract insects. The insect will eat the weed, but not the impending fruit. Sounds like a big orgy everything is getting ….pleased. ..mmmmmmmm. The flower is a labor of love, water it with passion and it becomes sensuous receiving all good intentions; raising its sexual energy.

I like this kind of love what the garden demonstrates, externally. This brings me purpose and a desire to become my full budding self. I’m starting to formulate the flower’s behavior because it represents feminine energy. I’m like the lotus flower that blooms under muddy waters and then emerge in the morning under the loving sun. It kisses my naked body expose without shame. It’s freedom. That’s how I want to feel, internally.

Anger is not a bad thing; it’s the volume of anger. Anger is equal to passion because of its overpowering nature. Even though, it’s powerful you can attract that anger and attention for humanity, working for an important cause. It’s the weed that needs to find balance that will benefit for a right purpose.
I’m still growing and learning…always.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Finding Yourself Through Insecurities

Insecurities can paralyze you with fear, failure, our aesthetic looks or whatever that seems uncomfortable or embarrass. We can sometimes step into unfamiliar territories and doesn’t know all the plans or objective to construct your path. We have goals of what we want to accomplish; to aspire and to achieve goals; our dreams about life and visualizing all prospects obtaining those projects. Sometimes these dreams become defer or lives revolve to something different. Unconsciously, we vicariously live through some else’s life, wondering what happen. You can feel unauthentic of not truly being in your purpose in life. How can we achieve these goals and accomplish those dreams that kept us being our divine self?

I’ve been through many of these paths myself, meandering around life labyrinth maze, trying to find that unequivocal question, “Who Am I? “What Is My Divine Purpose? Those questions all seems such a mystery, the simplicities are easy to know but hard to answer. It’s easy to know because we lived in that present each time we have breath, making love, being around love ones, doing daily rituals, hobbies, talents, you know these things because you are doing something; you know the time, place and person. Everything is brought to your attention; it’s just basically comes down to choice. Now, you may be wondering well if I KNOW, then why is it hard for me to answer. Well, because we are not aware of the circumstances, honest truths; our relations to balance of feminine and masculine energy; our connection to the Universe, our love for Mother Nature, sacred sexuality, sacred spirituality and other host of metaphysically knowledge and science of life. So, it’s hard to answer when you have failed to notice most of the components of your spiritual relations. We have and me included have been spoon fed only through rhetoric philosophy by dogma religion. This has suppress our innate natural way of living, creating and being prosperous; afraid of what people may say.

I lived in this invisible line of being myself or being a sell out for someone to like me and understand my point of view. I’ve gone through if I was pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough to belong inside a whole circle, I would be happy. I’m here to tell you that shit doesn’t work. It’s too time consuming and an emotional rollercoaster ride. I felt trap inside my own matrix of lies. I had gotten good at hiding the truth about if I was envy of someone, wanted to have that person looks or wit, having that type of boyfriend, if I was cool to be around was my consumption of bullshit. In the last five years, it became apparent I couldn’t live like this anymore. I became disconnected with people; became more alone through this decipherable process; being anti-social; gain a lot of weight; didn’t have abundance in love or money….I became careless and fear became my lover.

Right now, I’m repairing all the emotional damage I’ve cause upon myself. I became tried of the misfortunes I was contributing in my life. I’ve had glimpses of my life exposing the good quality ones, but like anything you have fear being not good enough. My lack of commit to anything opportunities passed by me. But with my clarity of thought, I now know nothing is ever amiss. Opportunities is just reflecting that you were not ready for that assignment; and that everything is a circle; what goes around will come around, again…yessssssss!!!!.

I do have one undeniable truth and answer, that I’m a sensual and sexual person. That’s the one quality of insurance I have deposit. No matter if I’m overweight, having a bad day whatever, I know that my sexual energy is very potent. Within this body I was still vivacious, sensual and sexy. I am in tune with my sexuality, I always have. This is what gives me hope. I KNOW my capabilities in that divine area. Since I am speaking my truth, sometimes in my general life I will suppress my sensuality around people, until I get home to be myself again. I sometimes wish there was a camcorder, to witness the real me; comfortable in my body. On second thought, let’s not….mmmmm…I’m not that naughty…ha, ha.

The more I learn about sacred sexuality, the goddess movement, the Cosmic Mother and my connections of my hip to the earth. It’s my time to rise from the cervices behind close door and fulfill my divine purpose to become part of this feminine movement. I’m the vessel for the Cosmic Mother. It’s my duty to teach, create a better place for all living beings; to be inspire through other beautiful women; to keep the planet beautiful and irenic; create harmonious movement with our hips so the kundalini can rise from the spine and manifest healing and wealth; to balance the sacred masculine man; to make love for adoration for each other….yes..yes..yessss.

This is a journey of knowing and answering those simple questions “Who Am I? “What Is My Divine Purpose? The insecurities we may have will dissipate into thin air. We can be electric and build magnetic aura fields around ourselves to be secure inside our own divine body. Let’s not hide anymore…peace.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Childhood Sensuality

There is something intriguing about being a woman and other feminine energy that encompass sensuality. I notice, when I see something sexy or sensuous, I become aroused not sexually but excited. It’s that innate feeling that you are connected to your sexual vibration; your true authenticity. Women has a mystic factor that contribute to all living organism to their whole well-being, this contribution is the nurturing; it’s the love; it’s the affection; it’s the sweet nectar of energy; it’s the oceanic rapture of our water, when you become thirsty; it’s the balance of feminine and masculine energy and the connection of the Universal Power; the Cosmic Mother.

Over my adolescent years, I wanted to learn the existence in sexiness. I am interested in the movement, inner beauty; that essential mystery of sexiness. When I’m feeling down or despair, I know something beautiful attract me and make me feel better. It puts a smile on my face, for some reason. It makes me feel alive, juicy and striking. It’s a divine honor being a woman. It gives an underlying power that is very subtle, but grows very intensely. There is one factor that most women don’t think about, that is type of energy, your sexual energy; stems from your belly. This is the storage of your energy power, but your yoni/vagina help generate that movement. It’s a pondering feeling of warmth that conquest all over your body. I’ve never been this type of woman before, but it seemingly has always been there.

I remember being a little girl; I was always carefree, while other things bad were going on. I had confident; I was much wiser beyond my years, smart, intelligent and love being around my elders. I wasn’t a girlie girl, per say, but I always wore dresses. People always assume I was a Jehovah Witness, whatever that means, but I never really thought about it, though. Maybe, I just like wearing dresses, who knows?

I came from a Christianity background. We never discuss anything about sexuality. I was very captivated about sex, as a child, though; sneaking looking at porno, only through the wiggly lines, if you had cable. That’s when the Playboy channel was popular, even if you couldn’t get the clarity of the Playboy channel, you still got particle of some footage. I could only get a glimpse at the prospects. I did witness the sound effects of different moans and groans. It was something excited about the
vibration that connects with my sexuality.

I also remember playing hide-go-get. This exploration was so lustful and lighthearted and the infatuated sound of your childish moans and groans was wonderful. Having guys feeling on your butt; rubbing against your body; using their hands exploring different surfaces around your anatomy, I guess we all was looking at the wiggly lines and playing the roles. But most of these innocent, playful caresses were done in clothes.

My favorite pastime is kissing; still is presently. I remember my first kiss, when I was in the fourth grade and he was in the seventh grade. We move into an apartment complex, after my mom’s separation. He was my first boy crush. I thought, he was the cutest thing, ever. He also had a sister that was a little younger than me, so she was my playmate. I always went over to their house, but they couldn’t come outside, though, because their mom was working. So we use to play with the screen door open, they were still in the house, while I was outside, but we manage to play creatively. Over time my crush and I got more acquainted getting to know each other. As I, I’m writing this blog, I think that was my first initial tantric moment. We always sat in a lotus position in front of a screen, touching our hand against the screen, trying to get some vibration; having our childlike intimate moments. I thought I was in love. Yeah, it was that deep. We always talk about kissing each other and how it would feel. Finally that day had arrived, when we was to encounter our first kiss. When you know, this is it, you start to get butterflies in your stomach, but now I know this your sexual energy awaken. After pacing, stepping back and forth; teasing the moment; palms sweating; little sister in the background laughing. At last, WE DID IT!!!!! It was quick and painless. It was very sweet, considering we were so young. I think later my crush move out the apartment complex and never seen him again.

As I got older, I notice my sexual energy becoming more mature. While most girls was having sex early during high school; talking about the penis size; giving oral sex; how he sex her hard, I mostly interested in the intimacy aspect. I love the closeness his body; the hand holding; sensuous kissing, slow caressing; intimate conversations. Maybe I was well developing and full figure in high school. I notice most guys weren’t attractive to a figure like mines, but mostly mature boys appreciated my body type. It was easier asking questions about sex from intelligence of maturity. My curious question gave me insight about sex in a physical introspection. I was on this quest about alchemy of sexuality. Learning about this energy that is circulating inside my body and why does it become so intense around a person you’ve become attract to? I knew sex was sacred and spiritual, but I couldn’t articulate back when I was younger.

Right now as a 30 something female, I’m going back to my innocents; back to my childhood; the learning of easy sexuality. This is my emergency rekindling my sacred femininity; Living in my true essence of who I am as a divine woman, co-existing with mother earth; balancing it with the sacred masculine energy. This is my own sacred journey being shared with other divine feminine energy. I have many insecurities, but using this sensual journey to become molded into my ancestral Goddesses. This energy is ripe and ready to be eaten, cultivated, transmuted and transcendence to other level. THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dancing...A Sexual Energy Equisite

Dancing heals your soul through sensual movement, poetic expressions, and earthy connections. It animate the story externally how you feel; a true art of storytelling without words. The Creator gave all beings a gift of dancing, even in nature. Seeing the trees swaying like hips, a flower beautiful poise, the stomping of the rain fall, the accent of the lightening, the leaps of a graceful horse, the squat of an ape, a sensual glide of a cat, and the slither of the snake, can all be convey through dancing.

Dancing is also powerful, sexual, fire, erotic, even orgasmic. This is a great way to create sexual energy. We are born dancing in the womb, so you don't have to be train or have experience to MOVE. I'm certainly not a train dancer, I just FEEL THE MUSIC...it’s our birthright. Women are innately born with this phenomenal gift. Our feminine energy is fluid and soft like water, that's our connection to the spiritual worlds, the creative LIFE force, the GODDESS.

I just LOVE DANCING!!!! Dancing brings euphoric feelings of senseless attractions, a trance movement that has a mystical far-away place. You will become oblivious of your surrounding and become FREE and letting GO.

The stimulation of your body becomes arouse when it’s in sync with your breathing and vibrational tones. It is intertwine with the cymatics frequencies of the music. Every time you move your body, the ethereal movements are shape with accentual punctuations, contorted in different arrangements, and gravitational poise.

There can be traces of sexual positions in dancing…hmmmmmm mmmmm. Think about it. Dancing has plenty of pelvic gyration, deep thrust squats, sexual shifts, undulations, sensual caresses, and unison breathing. Every muscle is engage and isolated. A lot of sexual positions require strength in the inner thighs, abdominal, back and shoulders. When you can manipulate your body and have control, fluidity movements, you will increase your sexual pleasure, immensely. You will be able ecstatically excited with unlimited creativity with your lovely partner. Ever wonder why, dancers’ looks so blissful and happy especially with couple type dancing. It’s euphoric!!!!! Check out some dancehall reggae moves that is the epitome of sexual positions.

What I admire about dancing it is multi-functional, it’s an expression, bedroom apparatus and just plain good exercising. Most people can’t afford gym membership or personal trainers, but dancing is FREE!!!! Just use your imagination, teaching videos and move. This one of my favorite ways into staying in shape and losing waste/weight. This process allow me to be consistent because its something I enjoy.

Exercising doesn't have to be "traditional” or "masculine". Feminine energy type dances like bellying dancing, sacred spiritual dance, NIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action), and hula hoop dancing that explored your feminine power is a great healthy form of physical exercise for the QUEENS and GODDESSES. I think its imperative to get back connected with our sexual energy. It can be healing for our body, not being sexual inhibitant, clearing out negativities, restore our sensuality, have positive body image, feeling beautiful, gyrating our hips to strengthen our pelvic muscles for more control and easing fibroses and other dis-eases.

Don't you know dancing work-out all your major muscles and combine with some resistant training, eating healthy holistic diet can be the perfect work-out.
So next time you're out at the club, house party or just at the crib. Turn up the music....DANCE MY QUEENS....DANCE.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nudity...The Naked Truth

The word nudity is nothing new in our vocabulary. We have embrace nudity as part of our humanistic nature. Our spiritual self bares only thoughts; before it becomes a physical object, it only projects the atomic nudity of our sexual beings. Nudity is scared to the cosmic divinity; the body is considering being a temple to the gods and goddesses, which is to be a spiritual, enlightening experience. Throughout history, nudity has been display on monuments carve in stones and iconographical arts pervaded in India, Africa, China, Japan and also Gnosis tic Christianity. Its also part of different tribal countries.

When we were babies, we identify with our nudity inside the covering of our mother's womb. WE conceptualize our nudity as freedom; in its purest form, just being a spiritual essence inside a physical body. We correlated our connection to our mother's umbilical cord; as our mother correlates to the cosmic universe.

Breastfeeding is an act of love for nurturing the baby. As the milk tunnels through the nipples; the baby's mouth is place around the partially nude breast, sometimes to be exposed. Children don't have any negative connections to their naked body. The un-blemish minds of children runs around UN-clothe; feeling free, liberated, unbind and unembarrassed of their butt naked selves. Have you ever seen a child being happily full of glee during bath time?

Bath time they will explore the anatomy of their hands, feet, nose, mouth and very explorative with their sexual organs; an innocent, curiosity of wandering hands touching the unknown the genitalia. Bathing a child learns the differentness between themselves and others; especially if they share those moments with a sibling of the opposite sex. This can be very playful and exciting learning time for children.

But when does this pristine of being naked become so perverted? There are many factors that help to disproportionate nudity and people's superficial complex thinking. Mostly religions have dismantled the beauty of a sensuous naked body; disapproving it to be dirty, derogatory, nasty, scandalous, and perverted. It becomes disingenuous when we don’t understand the spiritual relations with our body, especially our sexual organs. So during our predecessor’s generative development about nudity it became dilute with people’s morals and self-righteous attitude. It demoralizes the natural nature of the human spiritual body. We only teach what we know that will only bring suppressions and repressions into adulthood.

This type of repressions allows the perverted minds to exploit the naked body as sex objects; and not a spiritual delight. When you repress something, you feed your insatiable, hidden desires with overt sexual thoughts into gross, obsessive, uncontrollable sexual feelings towards nudity. This leads to child pornography, sexual abuse, porn, insatiable sexual acts, disconnection and depression.

Nudity is a work of art that is express fashionably, artistically, politically, and historically. Its appreciation is a lover unadulterated playing field that expresses love, sensuality, admiration, divination, gratitude, joy, and inter-connections. This brings us inspiration to explore infinite possibilities for music, clothing, painting, writing stories and spiritual love-making. Nudity creates different inspective dimensions and evoke many emotions; it’s the most provoking sensationalize matter throughout history.

Let’s go back to nudity and explore our bodies like children without embarrassment, shame and being regretful; enjoying the freedom to explore the sensory of your nakedness, release any inhibitions that keeps you bondage and undesirable, rebirth and cleanse yourself from people’s criticism, become one with mother earth, move your hands across your body, love your body and everyone else’s and become balance inside yourself.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Window Seat

There is a buzz about, Erykah Badu, new video, "Window Seat". In the beginning, she alluded to an historical JFK assassination. She is just casually walking through crowds of people. Then slowly, she starts to take off her clothes layers by layers. OK....she is obvisously taking her clothes off; but to what extent. You sit there in supense, is she really gonna take all her clothes off...really? She gets to that momentum just to her bra and panty, then whoa; she has unlocked her bra strap, then that audacious move; she removed her panty...BAM!!! she is completely butt naked. The look on people faces was shocking and laughable...ha ha. During the end of the video, Erykah assassinate herSELF; but if you look closely, the symbolic blood was written "groupthink" spewing from her head. I'll explain that later.

I knew, when I seen the word "EVOLVING" written across her back; that this was embeded more deeply inside her soul. Erykah Badu has always been complex and completive type of artist. You'll have to love her colorful, unique expressions. I admire anyone who kind express themselves, creatively.

I can resonate with the ideal about the video conception. I have been fearful about alot of things in my life; taking chances, self-doubt, worrying about someone else's opinion, low self-esteem and not loving ME. Mostly, it did stem from my weight.Its good to be asethetically attractive and be presented in a postive light, because we want to attract people, but at what cost. Sometimes we can lose yourselve in the fake images that you have created or not because most of us just like to look good, but there are some people who go the extreme for perfection.

We can conceal our imperfections very well. You can look at a person and be like....DAMN, SHORTY GOTTA ASS ON HUR, SHE FINE ASS HELL OR HE'S FIONE, but when naked, big belly, strectch mark, celluilites, small breast, one testicles, so on, even Kim Kardashin have flaws.She was posing in a magazine and someone showed the un-touch copies that showed her cellulites. Her response was, "so what...that's what curvy girls get". We have to do accept our impefections.

One thing you can never hide is your true self. The truth will always prevails. We have seen it numerous of time, beautiful on the outside, ugly in the inside, insecure,depress,sad, mean-spirited, liar, cheater, ignorant, unclean and the list goes on. These are your characteristics and personalities that can be hidden inside a PERFECT FACADE.

Weighloss can be the biggest facade of them all. For most people weightloss is the answer to everything because its merit is base on apprearance.We use a lot of "if I" games, if I was smaller...I can do this or that, people will like be better, I'll get a man, I'll get a promotion, I'll be more out-going, and many other stipulations on life. Yes weightloss can make you feel better, lift-up your self-esteem a bit, but when your REAL self comes back after your false high, you'll we gain your weight back because you haven't found the root cause. Hell, people have done gastric by-pass and gain there weight back. This is a problem.

Overtime, I became comfortable in my naked body.I had to think like a GODDESS, implementing, self-esteem, self-love, manifesting greatness, health, feel comfortable, holisic, sensual, healthy atttuitude, self-worth, just seeing a GODDESS in the mirror. I focus on my intentions. When I take a show, I use a loofah to exfloliate the dead skin to help circulate the blood flow to all my extremities, giving myself self-massages with oils from head to toe, using shea-butter and different mixture of oils, deep breathing, dancing, reading, writing, listening soothing music, keeping my sexual energy activated. So everytime, I look in the mirror naked, I'm turn on. My " Mind" was changing to start loving SELF. I started implementing good energy inside my body as a ritual.

My "SPIRIT" needed some work also. This is the most important of all because its the real work, most of us avoid the confrontation with yourself. I face the good, the bad and ugly about me. What I really appreicated; that most people are mirrors of YOU. People reflect two things...who you want to be and who you are as a person. There are divinely good people that you admire they show you what you can be. If this part is lacking, then start implementing and displaying the good qualities to your life. If there are people who constantly display negativities, then this is the area that is imaging YOU....this when your changes begins. I'm not perfect but everyday I have real intentions to do better. So I can have that preparations for being somone's wife, someone's mother, someone's lover, someone's friend, just being MY BEST SELF. I'm JUST finding my way...?

This is the whole embodiment of being a WHOLE person; being balance. Who cares what people think about you. So this goes into the "groupthink". Groupthink is the act or practice of reasoning or decision-making by a group, especially when characterized by uncritical acceptance or conformity to prevailing points of view. In my words, its people who will defame, hate, ostracize, conform, censorize people because there difference. Hewl, I didn't know this until this video, but it all makes sense. People can assassinate you mentally, spiritually and physically.

In this ending, just accept who you are, release any fears or negativities and show your naked body....JUST BE LIBERATED!!!!!

Here's an article about, Window Seat...

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Beginning....

I've been on a healthy journey since Jan. 2008, but I did had some slippage, so I didn't accomplish my goals completely. Instead of just weighloss, I accomplish other things in my life that will help transform me beyond aesthetic reason. THIS IS A JOURNEY NOT A DESINATION. Meanwhile, I'm still processing the weightloss and this time its through "Sexual Energy". That's right "sexual energy". We all have energy inside and sexual energy is the most potent that we all share together. This energy can be cultivated creavtively; sometimes this is called creative energy. This energy can be use to put emphasis on your life that you want to accomplish including weightloss.

This is not a weightloss blog necessarially, but a "wasteloss" to implement good habits to envolve to a better me. Everything is not base on weightloss, some weighloss is not healthy and do more harm then good. Weighloss IS a trinity...BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT. Body (real food and fitness), Mind (attitude), and Spirit (enlightenment). This is a better perspective for a successful wasteloss for superior health.

Sensuality has been a great source to culitivate the mind, body and spirit. The soul is the housing of your emotions, intellect and sensations, while the spirit expand the possible infinities; this is your sexual feeder to help fertilize your creative thoughts to its full capacities. This creative energy is the sexual nature to perpetutate life to existing.

Receptivity is also one of the strongest mechanism that a woman have for her total well-being. Without this mechanism she will not be able to create or receive new ideas, take in love and energy, to be an magnetic force, will be less inspiring for herself and others, non-...sexual, less sensuous, dull, boring and even death. Women are like flowers that needs nuturing, attention, love and acception. That's when we become our best selves to assure your potentialize growth in sex, abundance, being properous, communtity buliding and a loving, balance in relationships and orgasmic, as well.

One thing, I do enjoy is being a Sensuous Woman. This is the main process in my journey. As I mention, sensuality is the foundation to your total essence. This this my journey to grow within; and allowing the blooming petals to erect strongly to receive powerful energy from the universe.

I will share my thoughts, educational material, poetries, healthy food, sacred sexuality and other bearing fruits to help assist me through my journey of sacred bliss.

Yay!!!!, I've just written first blog and more to share....