Monday, July 5, 2010

Exercise and Sexual Attractiveness part1

Sexual Attractiveness is what makes sexual energy recognizable to see, taste, hear, touch and smell by using our sensuality. We can identify it as feminine energy or masculine energy. That’s the mutual attractions of the opposite sex. Sensuality is the soil of your foundation that has many aspects of a sexual being. Sexual attractiveness is the most potent in relationship because it stems from sexual energy. This help you attract whatever you deserve in a mate, business, spiritually, and physically.

Most time we figure that our looks are the source of attraction; it’s only a fraction. It’s not the only thing that contributes to your well-being. If you become obsessive only with your looks, it will become destructive. We have all gone through some desperate way to lose weight. Sometimes it can be drastic change through plastic surgery, gastric bypass and innumerable fad diets; these type of choices leads to devastation, heartache, and financial constraint, but very popular. If your physical attractiveness was the only thing, then everyone would be happy with themselves. There are numerous of beautiful woman exist, but not everyone process sexual attractiveness. The truth be told, beauty is from within your sexual feminine energy. You look beautiful from within; the outside will reflect that effortlessly. Ponder on this, when you eat healthy you will lose weight without saying you are. That’s just one of the incentives. If losing weight was it, then everyone would be satisfied. Sexual attractiveness acts the same way.

Even though, a few people are tapped in by default because maybe their environment help them establish that attribute, but still they don’t know how to tap into that energy, directly. Through our sensual senses we are connected to the infinity of life. If a person cannot touch, taste, smell, hear or see they will be totally unconscious. Conscious is developing through sensuality. Reconnected with your senses will allow to know yourself better. We have different perception of ourselves through family, friends and religion. Sometimes our real thoughts are basically view from other people’s perceptions. Connecting with your senses will help you see more details than just seeing the bigger picture.

This is a very concentrated energy that pulls from your navel where most of your sexual energy is stored. This attraction is about “attracting” your desire, joy and passion with life. Exercising is the portal that defines, accentuates, illuminate, and activate every cells of your body. This consists on breathing, body movements, healthy eating and also positive thoughts. This will be a part 2 on this subject as I breakdown the alchemy of true healthy sexual healing through exercise, which is cause of all of our dis-ease problems, relationships, economics and sexual perception.

I’m learning these techniques, through my own weightless journey. I’ m always self-discovering about sensuality and the power that births every infinite possibilities.

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