Monday, March 29, 2010

The Beginning....

I've been on a healthy journey since Jan. 2008, but I did had some slippage, so I didn't accomplish my goals completely. Instead of just weighloss, I accomplish other things in my life that will help transform me beyond aesthetic reason. THIS IS A JOURNEY NOT A DESINATION. Meanwhile, I'm still processing the weightloss and this time its through "Sexual Energy". That's right "sexual energy". We all have energy inside and sexual energy is the most potent that we all share together. This energy can be cultivated creavtively; sometimes this is called creative energy. This energy can be use to put emphasis on your life that you want to accomplish including weightloss.

This is not a weightloss blog necessarially, but a "wasteloss" to implement good habits to envolve to a better me. Everything is not base on weightloss, some weighloss is not healthy and do more harm then good. Weighloss IS a trinity...BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT. Body (real food and fitness), Mind (attitude), and Spirit (enlightenment). This is a better perspective for a successful wasteloss for superior health.

Sensuality has been a great source to culitivate the mind, body and spirit. The soul is the housing of your emotions, intellect and sensations, while the spirit expand the possible infinities; this is your sexual feeder to help fertilize your creative thoughts to its full capacities. This creative energy is the sexual nature to perpetutate life to existing.

Receptivity is also one of the strongest mechanism that a woman have for her total well-being. Without this mechanism she will not be able to create or receive new ideas, take in love and energy, to be an magnetic force, will be less inspiring for herself and others, non-...sexual, less sensuous, dull, boring and even death. Women are like flowers that needs nuturing, attention, love and acception. That's when we become our best selves to assure your potentialize growth in sex, abundance, being properous, communtity buliding and a loving, balance in relationships and orgasmic, as well.

One thing, I do enjoy is being a Sensuous Woman. This is the main process in my journey. As I mention, sensuality is the foundation to your total essence. This this my journey to grow within; and allowing the blooming petals to erect strongly to receive powerful energy from the universe.

I will share my thoughts, educational material, poetries, healthy food, sacred sexuality and other bearing fruits to help assist me through my journey of sacred bliss.

Yay!!!!, I've just written first blog and more to share....

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