Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fit, Curve and Beautifully Carve: Body Image; Fighting Against BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) and Diet Industries

This week is about loving your body. Giving it thanks for being intricate part of your life. No matter what type of shape you have, today love on it. Transformation is about the journey not the destination of your process. We are sometime are bamboozle with many saturated advertiser promoting about weight loss. The media moguls of all genre always telling how fat, lazy, obese, death driven type of hype. Where is the genuine love? Do you really want to help me or is it just another opportunity to make a profit off my fat ass, huh? I know what I look like… I see myself in the mirror… I don’t need for you to tell me other DAMN thang about my weight issue, OK!!! You are not in great shape either… just because you are smaller don’t make you better… Imma do me… I am fabulous… I look good… Big girls can do it too…Watch me work this out… I’m good… I am a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman)…. WHAT!!!! With two snap and a Z formation, BAM!!! These are wars that go between the media and sizable women. We are always fighting against something. Who are we fighting against? Are we fighting with our pride against a 68.7 billion dollar industry that is exploiting our ignorant? Do we need to compromise our weight because of our ego; I’m going to show you type mentality? On the flip side, the BBW industries are also exploiting you, too…YEP!!!! It’s a business and it is profitable to keep you divided between the parents of the diet industries and the BBW? Who will support you the most? I say NEITHER. It’s time to support our selves and be with people who truly wants to assist you in your endeavors.

How can we choose they both are so enticing? I want to lose weight with the diet industry. They promise me fast results, like pills, fad diets, gastric by-pass, surgery, gurus, and sometimes the best part, I don’t have to exercise and can eat all I want. But on the hand, the BBW industry promise me I’m fabulous and you don’t need to lose weight or exercise; you are beautiful; love your curves; be happy with yourself and use this body magic garment you’ll appear to lost 3 dress sizes.

But hey wait a minute… I can understand the diet industry being more harmful than good, but the BBW industry believes in confident and comfortablity in my OWN skin. That’s good, right? I say absolutely, you can be confident and comfortable in your own skin, but not in the integrity of your health. It feels good when there are supported people like you hyping this foolishness. Sometimes, it keeps in this fat bubble and taking your identity away. Do you really know who you are or you are just being an example, an option, but not the reason to change? People like for us to keep campaigning about our weight. We are more than just a size of our body shape. We are transformative of all aspects of our life; weight is just a fraction of our true being.

So, lest take a deep breath, awwwww. Lest go back to the beginning. Start loving your body parts. Work from the bottom of your feet to upper part of your crown. You will only take a body part a time for the whole week, starting with your legs including your feet. Then the next day it can be your yoni and buttocks, then the next day your torso, so on. You can do what ever body parts you want to start with, just as long all parts are being attentive. I just like to start from the root area first. You can become sensual with your touch. Loving every momumental curves of your body, your soft skin being firm and strong.

I did this routine started Monday. After I finish taking my bath, I put on some jazz. If you have cable, you can use the Music Choice that have jazz channel. I don’t know about all cable have this or not, either way find some soothing groove. I like using olive oil mix with my favorite oil and smoothly rub my body, while it was still damp. I place extra attention to my feet and legs. I use my deep breathing to bring more concentration and sensitivity. I allow the sensation I was feeling to circulate all over my legs, especially the inner-thighs; this great way to learn about your body more intimately. You will discover you can have internal orgasm on every body parts, independently. As I kept caressing, I gave thanks to my legs and feet. Thanking it for carry and up-lifting my beautiful frame, allowing me to dance to swing my hips around, to walk on mother earth, to walk with great posture, to walk feminine, to stand with strength and be fearless and assisting the rest of my body to move in all direction. I give thanks to you. I also visualize the transformation of the shape of my legs, the form, and the stance. I imagine being a Black Stallion and seductively walking like a feline cat.

Don’t look at your flaws, but imagine the transformation. Look at all the infinite possibilities to create the life you want. Stop letting other people making profits off your weight issues, telling your stories, telling you how you ought to be, but indentify who you are and who you going to become. Stay healthy and beautiful… Fit, Curve and Beautiful Carve!!!!

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