Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shape Shifting to Beyond Bullshit Leaders

I love watching reality shows. Some people don’t enjoy watching those shows, but to me it’s just entertainment for laughter. It’s comical like any other menial shows. I don’t take reality shows too serious. There are some shows that are actually good to gather great information; learn strategies; different life lesson; creative ideals and different life lesson. Something about reality shows that makes it captivating and a sinful pleasure. You can look at shows like The Bad Girls Club, The Basketball Wives and other shows that demonstrate stupidity at its finest, but underneath the filth of bad mannerism, you could find a glimpse of hope, change and growth. Shows like the Biggest Loser demonstrate life lessons and vulnerabilities of people’s personal issue battling with weight. But underneath all of the weight withholds secrets of the past. Mostly weight is only culminated by sexual repression, ambiguous beliefs, family trauma and unwavering thoughts that lingers inside your tissues and gets bury beneath all the blubber. The illusive reality they use food to sexual, mentally and physically satisfy their desirable appetite. It’s a false comfort of love and support. But in life we all use faulty substitute to alter our authentic feelings of being loved. But within all of that hard concrete, you will find a bull dozer and drill you a new hole to start over.

Last night I was watching one of my favorite reality shows, “Kimora Lee: Life in the Fab Lane”. This episode was about growth. She was speaking to her ex husband Russell Simmons, about Baby Phat clothing line that she and Russell started 15 years ago. Baby Phat was the second brain child from Phat Farm; Russell’s clothing line to launch a new line for women. Kimora Lee branded Baby Phat as her signature line to allow women to live opulent, glittery fashionable, high socialite, and pretentious lifestyle, which Kimora Lee coin the name Fabulosity . It was a drag queenish, over the top of mixed of exaggerated personality. Her clothes were a holiday for everyday. More for nighttime wear not for work related, but some of us have tried, yep. But anyway, in this particular scene Baby Phat was no long being design because the line was not appropriate for the maturing woman.

Around 15 years ago, Baby Phat represented younger women between 18-30 years of age. Mostly these women have grown up with jobs, married, and business entrepreneurial furthering in different paths. Now her new business endeavors represent an innovative growth leverage to promote services for the new woman. She felt like a parent sending a child away to college, but knew that child had to grown up and let it go to find other inspirations. I thought that was a great life lesson about growth.

But why does it have to be so challenging for people to change. Change is good, right? But it’s so hard to let go of comfort and embrace a new paradigm. People love to have a leader so they can follow a more structural life; a spokesperson to tell them how to live life; a life coach to give answers and understanding; a guru to help establish a profound way to be creative. It’s wonderful to have difference of opinion and ideal as a good filler to give you some leverage, but then you BECOME your own leadership and forward it to someone else.

I remember Monique being the spoke person for BBW to be beautiful and have confident. She even had a show called “Phat Chance” a modeling show dedicated towards full-figure. Monique had a huge follower that help campaign this phenomenal movement of full-figure women loving self. This helps birth and launches other projects in every media possible like fashion, modeling, dating sites, and movies and even porn. The increase allows other full-figure to have a voice and a life of happiness. In recent time Monique has lost weight, but the backlash of some of her fans been hilarious. Why get angry for someone who wants to be healthy and in better health? WHY? Oh I see, people think she left them behind. She no longer part of the BBW crew, but wait she is still curvy and full-figure, right? So, what’s the damn problem, then? Well, few of her fans felt abandon. They feel she preach all about this empowerment of loving your body, and now she contrasting her own words. All she is doing is just flaunting her weight. Wow!!!! I don’t think she is flaunting, flashing or flicking her body, as though, she is teasing and taunting other women, but more so, being confidently happy on her journey to success. She should inspire you to do the same. Everyone evolves into the greatness of self. Don’t you want to become successful in your life? Don’t you want to have a better sex life? Don’t you want to have an erected posture without the excessive body foundation? Don’t you want to feel good? Don’t you want to have a sexier walk? Well my sensual sistahs you will need to grow and evolve.

Life is about change. You’re not an infant that constantly need someone to assist you for everything. We can be inspired by someone, but they are not your leader. You are your own leader. You create your own life and destiny. No one is leaving you behind. You are the one who’s being stagnant. This is the Law of Allowance, baby!! Allow the change to move through life like a dancer; play with different tempos and sounds; leap, jump, sway your hips to the bass of your heart; walk femininely to the earth’s drum beat, just move swiveling across the world like you have some place to go…EVOLVE…EVOLVE…EVOLVE…

I know I have 85 more pounds to lose. I am inspired by other sensual women to strive for a better womanhood. I am inspired by other women’s success. I am inspired by their Fit, Curve Beautifully Carve body. When they evolve I’m evolving as well. We are the same reflection. We all should be inspired by Kimora Lee, Monique, Oprah, your mother, sisters, aunties or just any woman that is always maturing living in their purpose. The others will stay behind because they are not of your reflections. They are still waiting for a leader.

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