Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fit, Curve beautifully Carve presents: Denise Lipscomb

Today sensual sistah feature is Denise Lipscomb. If you ever heard the term your body is your temple, well Denise, will make your temple look subtly smooth, organically fresh, sweet smelling and a nibble magnet just in case someone may want take a little bite. She has that homegrown, earthy personality that gives you the warmth of a good friend. I’ve only known her from facebook, but her charismatic charm brings you back for her whimsical status update that brings you some sisterly love advice.

All women loves to be pamper, going to the spa getting a massage, but sometimes it may not be in our budget for a luxurious splurge. We also love fragrances that will lure in the atmosphere that will capture our sensuality, as we walk by haunting you for wanting more of that goodness. So when Denise creatively names her product, “Oh My Goddess”, it arrested that same essence of beauty.

I asked Denise, What inspire you to make the product? Denise says, for as long as I can remember commercial skin care products were never friendly to my skin. I come from a family of herbalist, healers and lovers. For years I have made, mixed and created potions and lotions; however, I only gave them away as gifts or to people who were dealing with some sort of ailment.

One day I just decided to put them on the market. My products are appropriate for all skin types; however, my hair products are geared toward black people with natural hair. You asked how they make my skin feel? My skin feels so good I can't help but rub my own booty at night. lol. So many different fragrances from sweet to earthy give my man a definite treat!

My secret ingredient is love. However, my body buttas are a blend of Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Sweet Almond and Essential Oils.

Oh My Goddess is truly Grass Roots. I would love to see my product line soar; however, I never desire that it get so big that I am forced to add harmful chemicals and preservatives. So you know....I'm not trying to go into mass production unless the product can remain pure. Honestly, I just desire to pour LOVE into what I do. The product has a line of Goddess Soaps, Healing Elixirs, Body Buttas, SugaScrubs & Salt Glos; recently I have added a Hair Butta, Hair Soap and Hair & Skin Conditioner.

Love in a Bottle! The Healing Energy of a Woman can energize and elevate ANYthing we touch.

For a Fit, Curvy beautifully Carve woman this product can surely be an awesome treat after our daily exercising. We always need to keep our skin beautiful. Skin is the biggest organs on our body. So lest keep that skin glowing and kissable.

For more information on Denise Lipscomb and products vist:

Oh My Goddess website

Oh My Goddess facebook

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