Friday, February 4, 2011

Sensual Friday: The Intimacy of Hips, Butts and Thighs

Hello my sensual sistahs, welcum to another Sensual Friday. I’m going to discuss the intimacy of body movement. Dancing heals your soul through sensual movement, poetic expressions, and earthy connections. Dancing is also powerful, sexual, fire, erotic, even orgasmic. This is a great way to create sexual energy. We are born dancing in the womb, so you don't have to be train or have experience to MOVE. Women are innately born with this phenomenal gift. Our feminine energy is fluid and soft like water, that's our connection to the spiritual worlds, the creative LIFE force, the GODDESS. Dancing brings euphoric feelings of senseless attractions, a trance movement that has a mystical far-away place. You will become oblivious of your surrounding and become FREE and letting GO. Excerpt
Being a woman and dancing is the greatest marriage on earth. The most salacious part of a woman’s body except the breast, Is the lower body parts. OH YES!!!! Think about it. The lower part correlates with the hips, pelvic, thighs, butt, torso and that beautiful inner center the yoni. Those areas are the flirtiest and seductive attributes. It lays the foundation of your flirty momentum. It’s where the sexual energy ignites. It’s where the sleekest curves are more prominent. The eye of seduction is the lower part of a woman that seeks the main attention, albeit, the breasts are luscious, perky and juicy, but the lower area is the most powerful.

For men, well lest say black men love the power of the booty and everything else that is complimentary to that region. I use black men because in our culture that’s the area of storytelling using the beats of the drum. If you ever gone to parts of African Diaspora, you will see the celebratory of hips, butts and thighs being saturate with the drum beats. It’s like the lower part is being hypnotize and under a spell of the drum sounds. Those drum beats are similar to the thunderous frequency in the sky. It can rattle your soul. The lower region is little more carefree and liberated than the rest of the body. It’s the closest to the earth’s energy. The sexual organs generate bio-energy to create electrical surge through out the body to be transcend with the earth’s ionosphere. The ionosphere is very thin, but it is where aurora takes place, and is also responsible for absorbing the most energetic photons from the Sun, and for reflecting radio waves, thereby making long-distance radio communication possible. This is the seductive vibration while we are dancing in space. Dancing is like sex and has just as much concentrated sexual energy being created.

There can be traces of sexual positions in dancing…hmmmmmm mmmmm. Think about it. Dancing has plenty of pelvic gyration, deep thrust squats, sexual shifts, undulations, sensual caresses, and unison breathing. Every muscle is engage and isolated. A lot of sexual positions require strength in the inner thighs, abdominal, back and shoulders. When you can manipulate your body and have control, fluidity movements, you will increase your sexual pleasure, immensely. You will be able ecstatically excited with unlimited creativity with your lovely partner. Ever wonder why, dancers’ looks so blissful and happy especially with couple type dancing. It’s euphoric!!!!! Check out some dancehall reggae moves that is the epitome of sexual positions. Excerpt here

As a full-figure woman that is in the progress being more fit. We forget the intimacy of our own body. How it moves? The connection we have with body movement. Most full-figure women have lost their equilibrium. Some walk with a limp, hop, wobble that will deteriorate your bones overtime. It can cause fracture bones, emotional tried, lower back pain, pelvic prolapsed, and other great harm, if you don’t connect with your body. I’m 80 pounds overweight and learning how to balance and align my body properly makes a big difference in my everyday movement. The skeleton bones is supported my muscles for movement, but the skeleton is what moves the body. It just feels good to be more intimate with my body, being more engaging with body movements, feeling different parts being coordinated with other parts of body that's correlated together. Understanding my pelvic area and playing different angles of the width or narrow parts, seeing what kind circular movements I can create. When you've been over 300 pd. you don't get to be that intimate with your body, closely and deeply feeling. The body has been out of balance for so long. I feel hella good. Since then I've lost about 60. Strength training will be next, though. The connection with my body and weight training will be alot easier to hit the right muscle during training. We get so caught up in weightloss that we don’t get to feel our inner body.

Dancing is a big part of our innate characteristic. We have to keep our body more align and balance. Do you have any pain when you walk? Do some of you suffer with back pain? Do some of you wobble, hop or limp? Lest talk about it and learn from each other. This is the best start in our journey. This the Fit, Curve beautifully Carve way!!!!

Here's some hip shaking, body moving dancing


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