Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fit, Curve beautifully Carve presents: Diva Mama Tonya

We have another sensual sistah to share with you all. Tonya K. FreemanTonya K. Freeman is affectionately known as Diva Mama Tonya around people that know her essence. That name carries brilliance of a wise woman; if you ever spoken to her in person, virtually spoken to her on face book or glimpse at her sexy aura, your energy shall become illuminative aroused. She will make you come to her presence as a wondrous child searching for the authentic truth. You’ll become astutely engage, as she, spew out ancient wisdom from our ancestor’s oratorical vault, while sitting circularly around a matriarch axis. Her voice will transcend you as she will dance, sing and chant old hymns of Goddess rhythm.

I came in connect with, Diva Mama Tonya, in the good ole’ fashionable way, Facebook, I saw her profile picture and said wow, interesting. I’m thinking interesting because she had an intriguing beauty. Her face is captivating mixed with vanilla crème and sandy brown complexion depending how the sun capture her spirit, a kissable bald, softly rub head and some passionate red lipstick…POW!!! That’s what you called stylin’ and proflin’, baby!!! She has this bold presence, as if, you wasn't liberating enough; but still gives you this confident that you can be. Of course, I read her description; she is a Visionary, Motivational Speaker, Recording Artist and Author. Her other interests are spirituality, sacred sexuality and feminine sexy vibes and as well a gatekeeper of wise women that is consider as woman shaman. When she befriends me, she welcomed me like coming to a women gathering and I’m the invited guest. She always has a friendly effervescence appeal around Facebook checking on you to see if you’re okay.

She loves woman affectionately. What I mean, she caress with her marvelous voice of sweet, but assertive granular that speaks maturation of love, wisdom and courage; teaches us the superlative way of being a feminine woman, our nurturing fragrance, our sacred moon cycle, how to dance sensually and openly, being a healer, being a lover, being sovereign woman and being unapologetic.

As a Fit, Curve beautifully Carve women these are the essential of becoming well-balance spiritual woman. We have to gain our sensuality to grow align with our spiritual bodies, as well our physical bodies. We are the ancient keepers, nurturer of life and the womb factory of creativity. Lest celebrate our femininity living more blissfully. We are more than just a scale number.

Tonya K. Freeman Bio

Diva Mama Tonya, as she is affectionately known, has been working diligently towards encouraging women to become more empowered by embracing their natural womanly cycles.

She is devoted to inspiring women along their path in blissfully reclaiming their Ancient Power.

Focused on spreading her message of empowerment through spoken word performances and speaking engagements, Dr Freeman is also an ordained inter-faith minister; has doctorate degrees in divinity, metaphysics and motivation through the Universal Life Church; is a certified Aromatherapist; a Reiki/Karuna Ki Master; and an Ancient Femi9 Wisdom Keeper; Inner Growth Consultant; Harmonic Infusion Practitioner; and Diva Advocate with over 30 years of transformational work with women.

Raised in the Village of Harlem, New York and utilizing her early parochial education, plus her love of reading and research, Dr Freeman excelled as a self-taught individual with a mind always open to learning, sharing and new experiences. These factors, along with her winsome personality, have placed her in demand as a seminar/workshop leader and as a motivational speaker to those who have had the opportunity to meet and hear her. Fun loving and possessing a zest for life, she possesses a gift which enables her to connect with persons from all walks of life.

She is now creating dancing meditation/visualization CD's where each track is a 10-12 minute workout. Here is the link to explore and listen to the samples as well as download one track if you want to get your sexy, spiritual dance on get this CD. Movement helps generate positive energy through out your body. You can use this to manifest whatever your desires deserve.

She also has a tonya and friends fan page to check other phenomenal women in her circle.

Here you can listen to archives and interviews
from women who walked in the journey of womanhood.

Her personal blog to get more info.

You can download listen to samples and purchase her CD's.

A few videos of our feature sensual sistah

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