Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Personal Grass Root Journey into Law of Attraction

We are intelligent, astute, brilliant and intriguing type of people. The New Age spiritual movement has plummet inside every dialogue of conversations. The main one is Laws of Attraction. What is this Laws of Attraction? Well many people have interpreted it differently for their own understanding. I will not give you a formal description because you can Google it on-line to find a more elaborate definition. This is my personal depiction about Laws of Attraction. My definition is Laws of Attraction is generated energy that vibrates to attach with other resonated energy sources to expedite the flow of connection. Maybe mines is just as elaborate, but that’s my own interpretation.

I’m in the grass root of Laws of Attraction. I’m creating my moment everyday. I’m creating my own Master Plan. We don’t have privy to see others that we admire or inspire to be like when they have master their life journey to success. We only get the biographical versions of their story. Would it be great to actually see someone in the grass root progression of their journey to success? It would allow people to actually see it done in real time of every excited moment. There are many lessons to be learning that can help someone else in their endeavors and say, “HEY, I went through the same thing, also”. I guess, this is my own personal grass root Master Plan designing my life from a different type of template the Universe of infinity of creations. The universe is unlimited with possibilities, no matter what religion or spiritual path you journey, we all called from the same Creator.

I just embarked on a challenge doing traditional style- push up. I challenge myself to do a full set of 10 by Friday. I accomplish that goal relentlessly. So, what does this have to do with Law of Attraction or your Master Plan, you may ask? Absolutely EVERYTHING!! If you read my previous definition about Law of Attraction then you have notice it’s about energy. You have to generate some energy to move and circulate to make something effective to become tangible. Well we are all aware if you exercise (energy) you will see results (tangible). But sometime you have step out your comfort zone. If you step out of your comfort zone you will deepen your personal growth, therefore, you are designing your life.

I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone lately. I’ve been writing in my blog, this one; networking with other phenomenal, sensuous women that has their own business and journey; doing advancement type exercise that is impossible, but doable for my body weight it’s making positive choices and changes, that once was a challenge. I know I’m still growing and deepening my unlimited space. So stay tune my Fit, Curve beautifully Carve sistah for more insights.

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  1. Great post! I am learning to step out of my comfort zone as well. I realize it all starts with really loving me, mind body and soul. Mediation and Yoga is helping me during my transition well.