Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fit, Curve beautifully Carve presents: Spirit Halima

I love this sensual sistah. This sensual sistah I met over 3yrs. ago over the internet. We both were doing a raw food challenge together for 90 days. Her name is Spirit Halima. The name alone holds much ancient wisdom, a daughter from Mother Earth. During that challenge we became friends, we gave positive reinforcement to each other; being accountable; giving support and most of all encouragement. We all like distant relatives, that you actually liked…LOL.

Spirit Halima is also co-creator of Inner Light Radio. During our 90 days challenge along with the Richard Blackmon, who created the raw food challenge, both Richard and Spirit did a feature every Wednesday on Inner Light Radio, called Reboot your Life. This show was about the challenges of diet, weight and food. It wasn’t just about raw food per say, but the chaotic effectiveness of eating the wrong food can cause havoc on your life and mental capacity. The show also had extraordinary guests like Phil Valentine, Dick Gregory, Queen Afa, Dr. Jewell Pookum and others. It was a fun filled show.

While we were on the challenge, every night you had to post what you’ve eaten, exercise and what ever your concerns of victories and struggles. Well this particular day, I wrote about my struggles of sabotaging myself. I didn’t know that’s what I was actually doing, but during the challenge I became more aware of my behavior. I spoke about how every three months being on a diet, I would self-sabotage by eating something that didn’t benefit my fitness growth. I was writing my spills, but it was liberating to actually feel some intimacy with my struggle to stop and reduce the bad habit that carries all burdens on other parts in my life. From my posting, Spirit asked to join her on “Reboot Your Life”. She thought my story will help other people to learn my life lesson. I was honored and nervous because I’ve never been on a panel, show or any kind. Spirit made my experience pleasurable. She is a great host. Her voice is very warm and soothing. Even though, before going on show, I listen to her approach of asking thought provoking questions and comfortable ease that she was made for this kind of purpose. Being a guest first hand, I was blown away of her professionalism, but in a carefree type of way.

Ever since then, we still keep in contact via face book. Spirit has grown into many endeavors and have grown into a sensual sister connecting to her sexual energy. She does now have her own communication production company called Chancellor Communication. Chancellor Communications (CC) is a global public relations firm specializing in radio promotions and event planning. Our niche is connecting entrepreneurs who have a product or service to support one’s well being with potential customers interested in personal growth and self development. With 15 years experience in commercial and internet radio, Chancellor Communications has built solid relationships with radio hosts and producers nationwide, Europe and Canada. Our staff has created, organized and managed small seminars to conferences with over 200 attendees. In partnering with our clients, we seek clear goals and implement sound strategies to achieve desired outcomes. In supporting our client’s goals, we offer a variety of services depending on their budget goals and needs.

Here’s more about Spirit Halima:

As a creative visionary, passionate about healing and transformation, Spirit Halima is a student of Ancient Wisdom, committed to personal growth for herself and others. In 2002, she launched the Cosmic Womb, an Internet Radio Talk Show an internet radio talk show that covered topics relating to natural healing, womb wellness, relationships, universal laws, principles and metaphysics. The program shared healing and transformative information to support listeners in having more choices available to re-create their lives: mind, body and soul. Spirit Halima has interviewed world renowned guests such as Rev. Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, Health Advocate and Activist, Dick Gregory, Herbalist Djehuty Ma’at Ra and many others.

This sensual sistah is also bringing The Beauty Matrix - Your Beauty is Organic. It's a lecture going into the Matrix's spell on women that have us feeling inadequate to to fuel the Beauty Matrix ( cosmetics, plastic surgery, fashion trends, etc.) February 24th @ 7pm pacific

As a Fit, Curvy beautifully Carve woman, we always strives to become better. Marketing yourself as a brand, knowing your worth and what you have to offer will bring abundance and wealth into your life. We are more than just a weight size, but more the sizes of our attraction for our creativity. If you have products, want to be a better host or guest, and starts your own radio show give Spirit Halima some business so she can grow yours.

You can find more info on Spirit Halima:

the cosmic room

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