Friday, February 11, 2011

Sensual Friday: The Human Touch

I was listening to Kem song “Human Touch” and thought how the tactile of a touch can be a signs of wanting, liking, engaging and just sensually sweet. It’s the moment of surrendering all thoughts of menial contemplation and just being strictly presence. Touch is like a serenade of violin strings orchestrating a jazzy assemble on your body playing Dizzy, Sonya, heaven Miles between your thighs. It’s a rhythm of collided fingers mapping every curves and peak on a silhouette road. The closeness of another human is comfort and utterly captivated. Your energetic body becomes animate with every meridians and chakra being expose in an illuminative explosion of secretion.

When you are in a relationship, touch is essential. Without touch different wonderment of thoughts will leave a person feeling insecure. Touch represents nurturing, love, caring, intention, attentiveness and security. A simple touch can be spontaneously enriched by being surprise. A unexpected touch from behind while washing dishes; a unexpected touch while being in the presence of friends and relative; a unexpected touch while driving in your car or a unexpected touch by your favorite crush. It’s a satisfy meal for any occasion. It’s just the warmth of a person hand that can take you to ecstasy. The rich, opulence of ingrain electrical shocks circulating inside your body is orgasmic.

Human touch is part of our culture as homo sapiens. It’s our greeting card. We touch each other everyday. We use it to greet people by a hug or shaking hands. We use it to flirt with someone by touching their hair, knees, and shoulder. We use it while we are dancing a tease of the ass, hands around the waist or just a full assembly of body movement. We use it for general affection.

In some culture like in Africa, touch is about grooming and healing. Women in the village would groom each other hair. The woman would sit in-between the leg of the braider, while sharing whimsical playfulness and womanly love. It’s a gathering to express things about life, situational matters and about men…lol. It is also use my many witch doctors, magical healers, shamans, and other that deals with energy healing that sometime the touch can be faint, but still felt inside the body. Mothers use healing touches for their baby. If the baby had a respiratory congestion, the mother would rub the chest area to break-up any mucus. A sensual massage is great to circulate any stagnate energy in the body.

We need touch like we need food and water. Babies need constants touch for stimulation to keep their body system healthy, emotional balance and safe. Without the essential of touch we would emotionally die and sometimes a physical death. This can create dishearten, angry, aggressive person to live unhappily. These people can claim havoc upon other people’s lives. They become takers not givers, which mean they can rob you. They become hateful not loving, which means they can fight you. They become aggressive not pleasant, which mean they don’t satisfy you sexually. They become fearful not secure, which means they can kill you.

It doesn’t have to be with someone else. A touch can come from your self; self loving your own body. The curvy woman sometimes forgets to adore her body at that moment. While we are in transition, we should always have a celebratory moment when we see chances within our body. Celebrate the small details of your victory. When you starting see muscle lines, curves contouring, skin clearing up and changes overall. Touch that area. Love that area. Caress that area. Give thanks to that area. Some curvy women my have swollen, painful leg pains, or dark areas that blood is not able to circulate properly, take special attention and care to those area, as well. This will boost your sensuality IQ up exponentially. This is the healthiest time to be appreciative of your work and decision to become fit and healthy.

What are some things you do for yourself to make you feel special? Have you ever had an unexpected touch that was pure ecstasy? Do share some of your own touch experience.

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