Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Surya Devi is our Feature Sensual Sistah

Oh yes, I have another sensual sistah to feature today. She is the glamour of sensuality. She oozes out liquid seduction and her voice will moist a towel. She is Angelique Shofar aka Surya Devi on facebook. Even her name is sensual delight. Just like most people, I glimpse at her page on Myspace. What capture my eye the name Sexual Griot? Hmmm, sexual griot what is that, I wonder. I knew the sexual part, so I proceed to find out the griot. By definition a griot is a member of a hereditary caste among the peoples of western Africa whose function is to keep an oral history of the tribe or village and to entertain with stories, poems, songs, dances, etc. Wow interesting!! She a native African I wonder. Later I found out she is from Liberia. From the definition alone she is a brilliant dancer, sensual writer, a healer, mother, intuitive reader, lifestyle coach and astrologist. But this Goddess is always evolving to other divine intervention.

As I peek out her other pages, I will share those links with you later, I read so many great articles that she had written. During this time I was definitely in search of my own sensuality. About 3 years ago, I when I began my own search about sacred sexuality, sensuality, tantric and other relatable sources, I didn’t see many black people from my research, especially black women. But once you get on that vibration, you will surely attract those people to you and now you see bountiful of black women and men evolving in sacred sexuality. But when I saw Surya page, it was like a holiday for me. I wanted to know her.

Well, thank Goddess for facebook. I join facebook maybe 2 years ago. As I browsing around, low and behold there is Surya! I befriend her right away. I’m a shy person even in the virtual world…ha… especially approaching people. I love visiting her page, she always have sensual feminine topics that is thought provoking and interesting. Over time I began to comment here and there. She’s a very engaging person, even though you’re virtual, she makes you feel like you are sitting her living room accompany with other guest. During the process I began to open up a little and shared stories, asked question, just being relaxed. I can truly say I know her enough to grow and learn more from Surya.

She has a new adventure added to her other list of accomplishment. She is the creator of Womb Love. She will also have a workshop in the Washington DC. This her philosophy on Womb LOVE:

Our WOMBS are in a STATE of EMERGENCY! And its distortion can be seen in the plague of female reproductive disorders, sexual imbalances, the battle between the sexes, weather patterns, political rapes and assaults, violence again women, the trickling down into our human relationships - all mirroring the consciousness of our WOMBS!
This workshop is a declaration to suspend abnormal functions and activities around the womb that we have come to accept as normal, it is a call to change our destructive and disempowering WOMB habits, attitudes, beliefs & behaviors. Many wombs are imbalanced - cold, stagnant, blocked, polluted, wounded and in need of purifying and replenishing and so is our Earth's womb! To heal ours, requires us to see the direct link between our womb and that of mother earth.
The "WOMB LOVE" Workshop offers you the tools and resources to purify and restore balance and perfect health to your womb and body. You will be introduced to new ways of being in your womb, seeing and living from it. It is a comprehensive educational and practical training course. One that you will not find in the academic or medical institutions.
Do you know and understand your WOMB POWER?

DATE: FEBRUARY 13th, 2011

TIME: 12noon - 4:00pm

PLACE: The Urban Goddess Temple
Washington, DC

Cost: $60.00
(for advance registration

If you are in the area please check this Goddess out!!!

Also if you want your health, wealth, iginte your sensual fire, intuitive reading, yoga check her other links:

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  1. Thank you for the sweet post, April! So goddess of you! BTW I am from LIBERIA not Nigeria. hehehe! Loving me! Loving you dear sis!

  2. Oh..ok...that me make that change right now, Surya!!! Thank you for the correction.