Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Truth about Fit, Curve beautifully Carve

On yesterday I wrote this statement on my status on facebook; Sometime we need to be in solitude to collect, reflect about OUR thoughts and life. After my mom had a strong allergic reaction from her heart medication, where she spent a week in the ICU from swollen tongue and throat, it became apparent women have lost their sensuality. Sensuality is the foundation of great health. I've observe a lot of women whose heart has been closed and now becoming sick.

That statement is my pivotal moment to step up to the divine plate and start pursuing my gifts. It’s been in the works for almost 2 years. Even though I didn’t understand the magnitude of my learning growth, self growth and sensual growth, but I knew in the depth of my soul that I was a student of nature and I dance with its rhythmic flow.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some unsteady times that I felt like a failure; didn’t speak my truth; gaining weight; didn’t like my appearance; my hair was shedding; I became mean and uncaring; I was lazy and lost all ambition for life. You get to the point of being sick and tried to being sick and tired. In the allegory meaning of having a mustard seed, I felt deep inside there was a glimpse of love, sensuality and femininity yawning inside my womb.

I’ve had days when I felt extremely good and look great, but the extension of that time decrease only for that moment. But even through those days, I felt there were possibilities that needed to be awakening that some how I can extend and cultivate this beauty. Even through all of my sexual experiences and intimacies was not great, I truly enjoyed my connections. I love the sensation sometimes it may not lasted long enough, but I knew I was capable for more bliss in my life. In my earlier years, I knew sex was spiritual. I knew it is more than just simplicity of gratification. I search for all things about erotic sensuality that made me feel good. I love great conversation. I love dancing, a good kiss, and a good hug. It was the details of intimacy that soothe my soul and granted me the greatest feelings.

The thing regarding the universal dance you will always find many people who has similarities of your life goals. One day browsing on the internet, I stumble on Jessica Mullen website. Basically, her website is base on her philosophy about Life Streaming designing your life. You are the product that is marketing and designing your own life. She got this ideal from going to a graphic design school. Jessica implies those same techniques into a life design program she develop to help manifest your desires in life. How cool is that?

I love this type of universal dance because before I’ve ever set eyes on Jessica’s website, those haunting words like design, templates, color scheme and other technical philosophical thoughts that I was thinking and sometimes you just don’t know where those lucid thoughts come from, all of a sudden, BOOM… there it is!!! It was meant for me to come across Jessica’s path for confirmation. Thank you, Jessica.

So what does this all means for this blog and future projects? Well just going through my internal dialogue, I’m designing my own life sensually. Designing my sensual self allow me to have fulfilling life. I will always see the beauty and magnificent wonders of all created things. It will allow me to become presence so I can intake all the brilliance of life that gives me love stories, expressional joys, dreams and beautiful sex. It will allow me to honor my femininity to the highest consciousness of optimum level. I will be able to speak my own truth becoming fearless of the unknown. I’m only posting things that I enjoy and interest, so that things can manifest in my life. I knew the direction I was heading, but now it’s down to the specifics. No more guess work.

The term Fit, Curve beautifully Carve is about making your “life” fit. It’s not just on the physical but every part of your life. Just like your body that needs nutrition, exercise and motivation, so does your life. Your life needs emotional balance, cleansing, gratuity and sensuality. We can not always depend on our body for happiness because weight can return back. Weight loss is only the fraction of the whole. It is part of the lifestyle of sensuality.

When you start changing your thoughts de-cluttering your life from toxins, you will ease you into liberation to full greatness. Designing your life the way you want it. STOP using these templates that is set-up for you from your parents, church, peers and media. Determine your own sensual design. What will it look like? What’s your sensual style and flavor? How would you walk? How would you speak? Could you be a better lover? How will your physical appearance change and look like? Would designing your own sensual foundation will assess you a better career, a better relationship, being fearless or having confidence for yourself? These are limitless possibilities to achieve your highest standards.

Fit, Curve beautifully Carve is about incorporating your whole being as a spiritual entity. It’s taking fitness from the inside out,
Learning how to eat making it fun and sensual,
Learning how to become more intimate with your body,
Learning your anatomy of your body and body movements,
De-cluttering things out,
Stepping out your comfort zone,
Building a relationship with your self,
Being presence,
Learning how to receive love and touch,
Learning to love your self,
Learning how to give love,
Learning how to receive love and many more infinite self building

So Fit, Curve beautifully Carve is not just fitness, body image, lifting weights or thickness. The imagery of Fit, Curve beautifully Carve:
Fit- a standard of wholistic living of the mind, body and soul through tantric philosophy
Curve- is body movements to accentuate the feminine curves through variant sensual dances and outer line tracing.
Carve-is the inner tightness of your muscles that includes vaginal muscles, body alignment, body posture, body toning and facial toning.

This has been a wonderful journey, thus far. I’m still tweaking my blog, now I most definitely know the direction I’m traveling. I’ll see you there.


  1. I'm so happy for you!!!! I absolutely adore your focus on sensuality. <3

  2. Thank you, Jessica!!! Yes, sensuality is the foundation for health. Most women have lost the essence of being feminine, sensual and sweetly loving. I dig you so keep doing what you doing.